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Gaming is Changing Answered

I used to like console gaming because systems rarely/never costed more than $300, it was simple, and everybody had the same stuff. There were no expensive HDTVs, broadband-requiring/expensive online play, the fanciest peripheral was the rumble pack, and your console didn't do anything except light up a power light if there was no game in it.

I'm not rich, my parents have never owned a house, and with all the fancy crap that consoles require and do today, I can't afford even a Wii (not that I'd want one, the novelty has worn off).

I'm not saying all these improvements in gaming are bad, but for someone like me, I just don't have the money for a shiny new 360, or even high-speed internet (I live on an acerage and there's no cable in the country) for online muiltiplayer/communication.

For now, I'll just have to fondly remember having home tournaments playing Star Wars Episode 1 Pod-Racer on N64 with my friends.

What do YOU think about gaming today?


PS3 is a sorry mockery of the PS2. The Wii is a great system with game design that falls short. The Xbox 360 is full of frat boy and generic teenagers games like Halo, and bad GTA clones. I love my PC. 2D gaming, 3D gaming, freeware, oh not to mention it plays DVD's, cd's can download music, browse the web, and you can code on it! Beat that, ps3.

The PS3 can do all that if you hack it and run YellowDog Linux on it. =P But I don't have a PS3 and have no intentions of getting one. PC ftw.

i really have been thinking about getting a 360. it looks good and it looks like its better than a ps3...id prob get either the elite or the halo 3 version.. anyways i think paying for consoles is worth it because it costs so much more to keep computers up to date...a console will last you 2-5 years when a new video card for your computer will last you 2-5 minutes.

got a question, if i wanted to get a 360, would the arcade version be a good idear? i know it doesn't have a hard drive, but it has memory cards, which could take place of the hard drive.

Yeah, I have the arcade and it's fine if you just want to play your games. If you want to use XBL then you might want a hard drive, but it's very good value for money, much better than the old Core.

The nice thing with the Xbox is you can go buy a 250GB Laptop hard drive for $50 and slap it in there.

No, that's not true at all. You can't just slap it in there, and you really have to get your haXXor on to mod it in.

Consoles aren't ever up to date. The most powerful console out now is the PS3, which is based off of two year old hardware. With PCs you can customize graphics to compensate for old hardware.

Nor are computers. If you go and buy the bestest most greatest thing out on the market, the next day they will have something better. The controls on the pc are kinda weird too. Too many buttons with too many functions.

The controls on the PC are fine. They're far more accurate (not for all games of course, but they are much better for shooters). On the PC you can customize your controls too. On the other hand, games such as Lego Star Wars on the PC only let you play with a gamepad. Some games just work better with a controller. PC gaming is not about having the best parts. Maximum PC, a PC magazine I read, builds an annual "Dream Machine", made of all the best parts money can buy. This year's dream machine costed 11 thousand dollars. Just because something big and new comes out every 3 or 4 months, doesn't mean you have to buy it. If you're really into PC gaming, you upgrade regularly, but NOBODY (except say Bill Gates or something) goes out and buys everything new. It just doesn't work like that.

Yeah, but if you want a great experience you need a really great machine.

About a 3 grand machine is good, and would be far more powerful than any console.

but i don't have three grand lying around the house.

to be honest a good game has to have...
- a good story line ( e.g FF series )
- Fun to play ( pong =D )
- alright graphics ( alright would be Harry Potter and the Chaber of Secrerts ish..
- but most importantly... CHEAP!!

I never got a N64 but always wanted one... i used to go to friends houses and play 007 and Super Smash Bros and it and love it forever but i got a Ps1.

When the internet phonemena acctually boomed ( about 1999 in my eyes... i was probs 6 y/o) i never even had the internt until 2003.

Gaming dosen't have to have have super graphics and it dosent have to be that real that it wouldnt be fun anymore...

But when i think about it, i would have a ton of fun games that i could aford on Ps2 then have a small amount of expencive games that just look pretty on ps3.

But seriously if you want real fun...
Dress up in raggy clothes and have a paint bomb fight with some friends. Or play Monopoly with like 6 people till bankrupcy and form alliances.. ( e.g let them off from paying rent, and buyin houses for them. it beats a vidio game any day...

Peace Out and Seriously your not missing out on much..

I'm fine with 2D graphics anytime, and sometimes text-based stuff (ASCII art) could even be pretty good.

Hey at least you have a console, I only own a comp.

Hey, comps have free* games..... but some really are free.

Yeah, might get something else, but I'm too lay to change it XD

I like the... well... everything gameboy through DSi. The handheld stuff is cheap, portable, and... bad graphics, but what do I care?


9 years ago

>>I used to like console gaming because systems rarely/never costed more than $300...

i disagree.
Atari 2600= $2000 US

Did it really cost that much?

yep. well actually $1999.99 USD but still it was alot!

"In mah day, gaming was something you could do with a tin can and an old rusty nail! You whippersnappers just spend moneah like it wuz water! Dadgum kids and their dadgum expensive equipment and their dadgum fancy-pants graphics. If you haven't played ET on an Atari, you haven't gamed!"

Gaming is definitely changing, and the prices of the consoles suck. the ps3 introduced a 40 gig version, which i'll probly buy, since i am a die hard ratchet fan. but sony sucks big, well, you know. wii is where its at, since they are changing the gaming today, but in a good way. It seems they support getting everybody into gaming. Not so much hardcore gaming, but eventually they will get it. still have metroid and re4:wii edition.

I don't like the Wii. I prefer a good ol' gamepad, and the Wii is all party games (and that Big Brain Academy crap, which is NOT gaming), hardly anything good. I suppose it's good for people who aren't hardcore gamers, but I'm just sad to see Nintendo leave the console race. I've always had Nintendo consoles, NES, N64, Gamecube.

oh and the wii didnt leave the console race....it just made a leap ahead...ill bet you in a few years a lot of consoles will be ripping off the wii

Sorry for replying so late, but I saw on Gizmodo that the 360 was making a controller which is essentially the exact same thing.

I really doubt that. It has crap graphics and it has hardly any buttons. In game where there are a lot of commands you have to hold a button and move the Wiimote, rather than just pressing a button. The gamepad is tried and true, and won't be going anywhere for a while yet.

Some games will encorporate a gamepad. And the wii already has one. Its called the classic controller, and it plugs into your wii mote. When super smash brothers brawl comes out, you will be able to play with the wii classic controller, as well as a gamecube controller, and the wii mote, and wii mote nunchuck combination.

The whole point of the Wii is motion sensitivity. The Wii classic controller was invented for the virtual console games, not for Wii games. The Wii has been succesful from a financial point of view (it's selling really good) but from a serious gamer's point of view, it sucks. Some games just don't work with the Wii's control scheme.

some games do not work for the wii's control scheme, sure, but a lot of other games do. I don't think that an mmo or a heavy shooter, such as halo, would work on the wii. But a shooter could work, as long as you don't mind the searing pain in your wrist. I know that the wii is almost all about the sensitivity, but some games, hopefully more, will appeal to the gamepad audience. And hopefully they will integrate the motion sensitivity with the gamepad play. Super Paper Mario for the wii made you turn the wii mote sideways, and integrated motion when you used items, and for minigames. While the classic controller was mainly developed for the virtual console, it still has some potential. Now that a game, by nintendo, uses the classic control scheme, who says there isn't a chance for other developers to make a game for the classic controller?

...AND while the graphics may not be up to par with other consoles, the games are innovative, and the control scheme is worth the graphics downgrade so to speak. Apparently you are playing some crap games, because most of the games i play have a pretty good controls. Using the movements, like wiggling the mote back and forth, will eventually be just as easy as pushing a button, all you have to do is give the console a chance.

other things are ripping off the wii besides the consoles (not yet thank god). I went into fred meyers, and i saw a ten dollar toy that looks almost identical to a wii mote, but instead has a small screen where you play games. It was one of those cheap things like the handheld poker or handheld tetris. And quite frankly it pi$$ed me off.(is that a curse word? i'm not totally sure.)

big brain is on the ds i think....but the wii has some good games like metroid, zelda, and mario which are classic games that ANY hardcore gamer should have played. mario cannot be beat by things like halo lol...it just cant, not possible... its like reaching absolute zero

Big Brain Academy is on the Wii, there's other "brain" games on the DS and Wii I think. I have never liked Mario games much, but I respect it. I personally am a big Halo fan.

i agree about the big brain academy thing, but i have disagree about the party games thing. Yes, ninetey percent of all games on the wii are party-mini-fruity games, but ten percent of them still have some hard core merit. And i like the mini games sometimes. but remember that the resident evil series will have a game out for the wii, only on the wii. Metroid is far from a fruity-tootie game, and there are still some good rpg and racing titles, such as excite trux. You just have to look for good games. Eventually you will see more and more hard core games.

i prefer PC gaming all the console games just seem softened for people that dont want the possibility of the one guy who is so good you cant get a shot off before you get killed by him. but consoles are great for parties because 4 people can play at once and the fact that you put the cd in turn it on and your playing none of windows throwing up on you for the occasional game it dosent like.

Well, I think we've only scratched the surface of interactive gaming with the Wii. The wii is really what developers have been trying to do for a couple decades. Just didn't have enough processing power for the price point back in the day to pull it off. And the Wii itself (for $250, if you can find it) is still at that console price point. Not bad, a lot of fun, maybe not the most technically advanced, but back in the day the arcade games were always more advanced than the home consoles anyway. I'm glad that Nintendo has won this round of the console wars and avoided bankruptcy. I also think they have their heads on straight when it comes to what makes a game fun. So I hope to see more good things in the future along these lines.

They're not winning the console wars. They're in last place. They have hardly any good games, the graphics suck, you can't play conventional game types with the wii-mote... the list goes on and on. I don't consider it a console like the 360 or PS3, it's for old people and little kids, there's nothing wrong with that, but it can't compete with the real consoles. The 360 is obviously winning with all the great games coming out, and there's stiill more titles coming. The PS3 is in second place, I'm glad Sony is finally getting their collective ass together, the 360 needs some competition.

No, I don't mean financially, I mean which console is actually better. The people who buy 360s and PS3s aren't usually the same people who buy Wiis, a lot of people who buy the Wii aren't real gamers, they just bought it for the gimmicks (as I said, little kids and grandmas). The Xbox 360 is actually leading, because there's just so many good games out now for it, and it's selling better than the PS3, which is the only real competition. The Wii doesn't compete with the 360 and PS3, because it can't do the same stuff; it's a totally different type of gaming, a different market altogether.

i agree the wii dosent suck its decently fun but it really is more for the casual gamer most of the games on it are things like mario and really cartoony stuff.

I agree with you. I also think that the new consoles are sorta overrated, and people should just stick with what they have. Imagine...if you bought all the consoles there are, your living room would be packed, you would be broke, and you would have a lot of new games on your shopping list. This was a good forum to post, +1 rating.

The N64 was the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming. In-person multiplayer is essentially gone now. What ever happened to fun, simple games like Podracer on the 64? Games where you didn't actually play to compete, but play for fun? LAN parties are often over-competitive, that's why I bring my N64. People flip out. The party games on the Wii DO lose their charm quickly. Guitar Hero is probably the best new game I know of for playing with your friends (Yes, I suck, but it's still fun).

games are still fun though don't kill me anyone.... *cowers in a hole*

I really love my 360. My favorite thing is playing Halo 3 and Gears of War over Xbox Live.I have HD hookup, which makes the games really impressive. Good games, impressive graphics and sound, wireless controllers.

The Red Ring of DEATH. *shudder* *Idea!* I'm going as that for Halloween!