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Gaming system? Answered

I want to get a new system, and I'm not sure if I should get an Xbox360 or a PS3. 360 has a whole bunch of awesome games, and PS3 has free online gaming. I'm not sure which one to choose. Which one is better? PLEASE DON'T JUST POST SAYING THINGS LIKE "Oh ps3 suks" or "I have a 360"


Well, im most likely going to get a 360. So, where would be the cheapest place to get it? I see them on Ebay but I don't want to get scammed.

Yeah I got the wii last christmas and haven't played it for like 10 months.

found some actual sales numbers...
not nesecarily correlating to most popular with so called "serious gamers"...

Consoles sold in the U.S.-
1. Wii @ 15.97 million
2. 360 @ 13.19 million
3. PS3 @ 6.33 million

Software totals - US
1. 360 @ 131,202,248
2. Wii @ 100,238,851
3. PS3 @ 45,066,707

sorry guys... the Wii really is popular with the masses, scoring the top 3rd and 4th most popular games in the US respectively Wii sports & Wii Fit.

in the end we have to realize that there are two types of video game consumers in the world...
the folks who demand graphics, online play, multimedia function and all that jazz.
the parents who buy games for their children.

the wii is very family and group oriented. this means that the most popular place to play the wii are going to be little kids birthdays, and at tipsy teenage parties.
its amazing how a little bit of alcohol can make all the guys and girls alike, obsessed with guitar hero... and wii boxing...

either way...

check out the sales comparison chart for all three systems...

In response to the ebay question. Be wary of anyone selling a console on ebay at a really low price, especially the 360. Since many people voided their warranty's trying to self correct the red ring of death bug, there are a lot of toasted 360's on the market. Getting a hard drive the only way to go. If you don't get a hard drive for the 360, then you have to get a memory card... and thats just a total waste of money. The lure of the ps3 is really the ability to watch blueray. If you don't want to watch blueray, I feel that you will get better functionality out of a 360. Sony is also introducing its own a "Internet" for the ps3. Its supposed to have media functions/stores game stores and all that good stuff. But again, if thats not what you are into then get a 360. Or if you want alot of moving and flashy lights, get a wii. they are also fun... finally if you can't decide which next gen console to get, try to remember that the consoles are called "next gen" because they are basically just computers. computers that you really can't use for anything other than what Microsoft and sony let you use them for. With that in mind, it is always safe to bet that a nice computer will provide you with far superior gaming functionality, along with multitudes of other functions. In terms of popularity I would say that for "serious gamers" (if that term can be used without sounding totally lame) the popularity gaming machines is as follows: 1.PC 2.360 3.ps3 just trailing the 360 4.wii 5.a pair of dirty old socks 6.a MacIntosh good luck with the decision.

The only next-gen system that I own right now is the Wii, but I am looking to buy the 360.

Also, do you think it is safe to buy any game system, whether it be a PS3 or 360, from Ebay?

Another thing is if you want to watch Blu-Ray movies on your TV. If you do buy a PS3.

Yeah, but really i don't think that there is much of a difference between blu-ray and dvd. I've seen the blu-ray on my friends PS3 and it doesn't convince me, even though it would be nice, to buy a ps3.

I'd suggest the wii, mostly because the homebrew scene is great. You can fun basically any game in the history of Nintendo completely free (including wii games). And of course you can do other things with it too - watch movies, serve web pages, experiment with physics...

Well, i really just wanted to know which system between the 360 and PS3, also I alredy have a wii. And about the homebrew, I suck horribly at it. I've tried it so many times, Ive bricked then unbricked my psp too many times to count . . and i don't want to screw up my wii.

Get a 360. Better games, lower price, and you get a month free online play before you have to pay, and even when you do it's not that expensive.

I ahve another question, uh, do all the Xbox360's work with xbox live? I heard the arcade version of the xbox 360 doesn't work with xboxlive.

I've got the arcade, but mine has a hard drive that I purchased separately. All Xboxes will work with Xbox live, but it helps to have a hard drive if you intend to download extra maps, demo's etc...

Then it would probably be cheaper to buy the xbox360 with the 20gb hard drive, rather than buy the arcade version and have to buy a hard drive seperately?

If you intend buying the hard drive new, then yes. I got mine from a friend whose xbox died, but hard drive is the only difference between an arcade and premium (apart from a different colour disc tray, but that doesn't matter).