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Gas Mask Answered

Lets just say I have a cool looking soviet gas mask. What can I do with it? It's similar to the one in this video:

Answers I'm NOT looking for:

And it's my birthday tomorow! Yayyy for me


Soviet, Gas Mask, Idea.
Lose weight until you weigh approximately 90 pounds and stand 6' tall.
Obtain skintight black leather outfit which leaves only shoulders bare.
Obtain psychic abilities.
OPTIONAL: Burn village of birth containing friends/family to ground sustaining heavy burns.

Psycho Mantis.jpg

wear it while doing your laundry at a public laundromat.


9 years ago

- Light up the inside with LEDs so they can be seen through the eyes - Add an ultrasonic vaporiser or mini glycol smoke machine to emit puffs of smoke from the vents - Fill it with potpourri - Wander round wearing that, a trenchcoat and a fedora and scare... everyone

"Pick up that Can"

"Now throw it in the trash"

fill it with beer, it's not a drug!

Well, if health class for the past 3 years has teached me anything, technically it is xD But that would be fun ;)

I wouldnt use that in a NBC/CBRNE attack. Gas masks have to be fitted and checked for leaks, also who knows about the condition of surplus stuff, they use some nasty stuff in the filters and you dont know if it cracked inside or not. ALSO, DO NOT USE A MILITARY GRADE PROTECTIVE MASK FOR HAZARDOUS HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS (like paint fumes), they are not designed for that.

(didnt see video - no flash) maybe you can convert it into diving mask or alien costume the mask that is like bag all over the head is not very effective as gas mask

Happy Birthday! L

Paint on some "bone seams" and wear it as a scary skull mask at hallowe'en. Plumb it directly into a didgerydoo. Make a display piece, with blue LEDs behind the lenses.

How about glow-in-the-dark paint? Wear black clothes, take a UV torch around with you to charge it up, then walk darkened streets as a disembodied freaky-skull.

glow in the dark would be a good idea for halloween... after all it would be dark, that'd be great! I think I might do it for halloween

I havn't thought about modding the eyes... maybe...


9 years ago

That is awesome! I must make one!

KAZOO!!!!! Where did you get it? Happy birthday!