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Gateway laptop wont boot up, any ideas? Answered

Hi, I have a Gateway M520 that will not boot up.  It runs XP.  The problem started when I was messing around on it, running multiple programs, and than the screen went blank and the power light started blinking steadily.  I tried restarting it, but after it got to the XP startup screen and started loading, the screen would go blank, and the power light would blink steadily.  I have reformatted the hard-drive 3 times with kill disk, tried booting up and installing the newest Ubuntu, and re-installing XP, but the screen always goes blank and the power light starts blinking steadily somewhere along the line.  Any help would be appreciated! :D


thanks for all the answers, still can't get it going though.


6 years ago

Are the fans and vents clogged with dust? Do the fans turn on? Random shut downs can sometimes be caused by overheating because the cooling system isn't working. Its just like a car in that way. It overheats and shuts down and then when it cools it starts up until it overheats again.

Along the same lines it could be a faulty temp sensor somewhere that thinks it's overheating when it isn't.

Could be the power supply. It may be charging the battery when it's off but can't while it is on for some reason. If the battery is old enough it could be discharging quite quickly, with in minutes.

What I think I'm reading is that neither Ubuntu or Win will boot?, it is hardware related for sure.Were not talking about a corrupt BIOS here or operating at defaults. You toasted your RAM, when in Ubuntu as per your screen shot scroll to TestMemory and stress test your Ram,I think you'll find it wont pass.



when i tested the ram, after the ram checker loaded and a moment later, the screen went blank and the power light started flashing.

Hmmm, Ram could be so thrashed it can't proceed to test?, pull the old ram and put a fresh stick in. I'm out of ideas.

If it is a hardware problem then unplugging it, uncliping the battery, and letting it sit for a half hour.

I might bea ble to do more if I could see the computer, but without that I don't know anything else to do.

+1... sounds like the BIOS if you've already reformatted the HD. You could reset your BIOS the way nurdee1 said, but you can also go into the BIOS and reset to setup defaults. (in the exit tab.) That will eliminate the possibility of there being a setting messed up in the BIOS. (Although it will not fix any hardware issues... if there is hardware issues, then you have to replace the faulty hardware to fix your computer.)

Right, you've broken it in some way, or it has co-incidentally broken while you were playing with it.
Repartition the drive, format your partition, run a disk-check for errors. If everything works, do your normal OS install.