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Gator-Chopper made from real 'gator - could be yours? Answered

Commissioned by the owner of the Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando (WROH) in Florida, Jim Jablon, Swedish craftsman and leather expert Benny Ohrman has crafted a wild motorbike dubbed “GatorBike” from the skin and skull of a real alligator

Top speed 120mph.
(one of many sources) and one of several bikes like this - but it seems this one is being raffled.


I would just nail an alligator to the top of my motorcycle, but that's cool, too!

It needs mechanically openning and closing jaws. That should keep thieves away. I've got to admit that is a brilliant mod, I wonder how long he spent on it?

Does the monkey cost extra?

P.S. How'd you get two images in?

It looks like a lemur to me?
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I don't think the Lemur is part of the deal, and it's probably not available as an extra either.


When I grow up I'm working in a zoo to steal a lemur and leave the country, to live my wonderful life with Lemur Larry.

In Texas, they hang coyotes on the fence to deter any more from attacking their calves.......let other gaters be warned; no more eating motorcycles!

 I now know what the king of the swamp rides....

You could probably wedge a six-pack between the jaws?


 mm, that and a flame thrower :D

Having flames shoot out of the mouth would be awesome!

Uh, you're ahead of me there, that would be a very good addition!


Am I the only one to think it peculiar that the owner of a wildlife rehabilitation centre would turn said wildlife into a piece of mechanical frippery?

It is a cool bike, though...

FRIPPERY? you are definetly english aren't you? haha ever read any Dave Barry columns?

Nope (google), but then it's hard to get the Miami Herald in the UK...

.  I'm guessing that the creature died of natural causes. I definitely hope so.

I understand it was a culled / farmed beastie.


It is a bit odd, but I understand it was a culled / farmed beastie.



8 years ago

This walks the line between Awesome and Gross.

Good opinion, a welcome addition.


This looks like something that came out of a crocodile dundee movie...

That is THE SEXIEST thing that ever came out of the swamp.