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Gcode Help Answered

I'm having a lot of trouble finding resources and software to convert Illustrator vector drawings into gcode for a cnc. I tried exporting from Illustrator and importing into Inkscape to use the gcode extension, but it doesn't always follow the lines. Please help!


Looking at the picture, I wonder if the problem is the cutter diameter you are trying to use on the image shown, at the scale it is. What happens if you use a 1mm cutter, as a try-out ?

Tested with g-viewer and at and least on my end it looks like all lines are where they should be.
Except of corse for the problem that the non laser moves show up too, but if the code is generated from the SVG and with the correct software for the machine in question it will work just fine.
Guess it just the settings you used, but do you have to worry about this?
I mean if the guys only need the vector file you should be a happy camper.

I have over 30 files that need to be converted to gcode and that number is growing. I'm an art teacher with access to a cnc in our engineering lab, but I don't want to ask the students or their teachers to create files for me. Did you use inkscape to create the file?

I loaded the SVG in Inkscape and used the Turnkey Turanny plugin to generate the code.
This plugin also uses a template in Inkscape so you can algin the parts with the laser cutter - not sure how that yould work with you CNC machine but it shows the SVG is correct and usable.
What type of machine is it and what software does it use?
I might be able to get or modify something to create the right kind of Gcode with only little maual labour to make all compatible.

I was able to make gcode, but it was wrong because it didn't follow the lines. You can see in the picture how the gcode lines (blue and green with arrows) don't line up with the black vector lines.

I was going to test this code, but all the gcode visualizers I'm finding want me to upload a file. Please delete this long and cumbersome comment and re-post with the file attached.

No time left today thanks to work, but if you still struggle give me a link to the file and I check if it is usable for my laser cutter.
It currently runs on GRBL wich is pretty close to CNC standards.
Otherwise open the file inkscape,
select everything,
uncombine all paths,
now just combine the paths and nothing else.
To check if you get usable G-code try the Turnkey Tyranny plugin - it is for lasers cutting but if it does not complain your files should be fine.

It would help if you posted the file you are trying to work with.