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Gear Study Answered

The last Friday of the month is a build day around Instructables HQ. I've been meaning to create some art involving gears of different pitches, so I took part of my build day to do a study in gears. These are two laser-cut acrylic gears I made on our Epilog 36EXT that are half 10 in pitch diameter and half 20 in pitch diameter. I advanced the 20 pitch side about one-half of a pitch.

The gears were designed in OMAX Layout, which just happens to have a nice gear profile generator. I'm hopeful about putting together a set that gradually change pitch diameter.

There's a bit of slop between the gears, and I'm taking advantage of it (at least in this set) to keep the teeth from colliding at the transition. They only rotate freely in one direction; in the other they bind.


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I can see where similar gears could be used in a one half rotation / then rock backwards configuration to mesh a gear pitch of one type to another, but what else would this be useful for? It (maybe) changes the strength a bit but I don't believe the speed of rotation would be effected.


9 years ago

That's pretty interesting. I'm working on a project right now that involves cutting my own gears from brass.