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Gears of War Lancer Assault PISTOL. Semi-Auto, (well not yet)working saw. Answered

I'll be posting a pic soon. By the description, tell me if I should post. Up-Update: The saw is crap! It sucks, bigtime! Up-Up-Update!: My semi-auto system wasn't reliable, so I have to use dutchj's mag, barrel, trigger, and system. I WILL ask permission.



posst it but you have to post a picture of your arm first

The file is too big! Great! So now I can't do it. Weird...

I forgot how to upload pics. I know how from the Internet, but i can't get it on my computer. Hm.

Cause of Hurricane Ike. I'm at the library right now. They have power.

Torque Bow.



I don't need the saw part, just the semi auto part... Post any way, this site needs more true semi autos that don't explode every time you pull the trigger.

MMMMMMMMMMM.....okay...do you wanna see a pic? I'll try...

And why is there a picture of Dead Rising?