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Geeky ipod touch 4g case? Answered

I might get an ipod touch 4g soon, and being the scratch-hater that I am, am looking for possible cases. I know I can get a reasonable case for 5$ on the internet, but im looking for something really awesome. Has anyone found/know of any ipod cases that are really geeky? Like that have circuit designs on the back or a blown view of electronics? Thanks in advance- Astroboy907


I think I have found just what you are looking for, here is a link to a whole page of them:


I tried to find them a bit cheaper but this site seems to be the only one with "geeky" cases that look that good :P Hope that you can find something you like!

Oh and here is a nice background for your ipod as well :P


Here's an idea:

Buy yourself a cheap, (but not too cheap; watch out for scams and ripoffs), iPod 4th gen off of Ebay. Practice taking it apart and putting it back together, but you only need to take it apart to the point where the back plate falls off. When you're comfortable with it, make a template, (Apple logo, maybe?) and cut out a hole in the cheap-o back plate. Then, replace the back plate of your new iPod with the custom one, put on a clear, hard case, and you should be done!

Oh, and the nice thing about this mod is that you can always put the original back plate on if you want to send it in for repairs and not have any complaints about broken warranties.

Thanks, but id rather not do that- too much room for error on my part. Good idea though!

and too expensive, the 4th gen ones are not the same size as others (slightly smaller) and even completely dead ones go for over $100 dollars on ebay

I have and iPod 4th gen and I love it! I definitely suggest a Zagg Invisible Shield for it. If you go to sell your iPod you can just rip off the skin and there won't be any scratches on it. For cases: you'll have to figure out your own case - maybe searching "geeky cases for ipod touch 4th gen"? Hope this helps!