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Geez, ya'll. Answered

I leave for three years and ya'll just keep making without me!

So what's up old friends? How's ibles like these days?


Hey! Long time no see.

Many changes...trawl the forums to see. Biggest is PRO, along with recent nomenclature and labeling adjustments.

Oh, and CORVIDAE!!!

Why, Kelsey! I really expected better from you. How insensitive to people with congenital defects!

I am shocked and appalled.

I don't know about you, but I would consider "superhuman" an improvement over merely "actual human" :-)

>considers rebuttal pointing out that "superhuman" necessarily is a child of the parent "actual human", not a different class altogether<

>decides this is an example of that "alienating others through excessive argumentation" thing<

Uh...nice joke. :-P

:-D "alienating others through excessive argumentation" -- Oh, I'm so glad you noticed; it's one of my skills ;-)

To be of noble Ible's lineage and true DIY blood, one would not be a mere mortal?

what's this 3 years?


I joined in 2006, hung around for a while and just sort of fell out of the loop sometime in 2008... either way, I'm back.

I looked and you'd published Floppy-Disk-Coaster-holds-144MB-of-Your-Favorite- Oct'10, so I hadn't thought of you as being "away".


It's fun still...

Has it really been three years? Seems less than that.

Been busy trying to complete things.....not having much success.....glad to see your are still alive and well :-)

And I got to meet Corvidae in person as Eric and Christy flew out here to the east coast just for that purpose (not really, they came for the Queens NYC Maker Faire last year, and I was able to attend)  ;-)

The question is not what we have been up to...it is what have you been up to?

School. Ugh. It's really controlled my life for the past few years. Not much time for fun. But now I'm a senior, and the teachers realize that we won't do any work so they don't give us any :) haha.

It lives!

What is this Domo-kiteman hybrid you're sporting, eh?