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Gelli plate substitute Answered

Hi. there is a new craze sweeping the craft and art community with a mono printing plate called a gelli plate. It's made out of some sort of mineral oil or gel of some sort. (i think). It's a flexible, clear mat with a soft feel and a give to it, a bit like jello. There are plenty of homemade versions using gelatin. which works fine for a while but it soon breaks up or bacteria sets in as gelatin is a food substance.
Are there any clever boffin types out there that can make a similiar product that doesn't use gelatin and that has a good shelf life. I first thought of Oogoo but it's not pliable enough. This Gelli plate reminds me of the soft silcone gel that is used for scar healing, but is so expensive for small sheets.
here is the link to see what I am after.


I would think it is like a thin layer of play-dough to mold to the texture of stuff pressed into it. Maybe thin out some modeling clay or play-dough? Water based acrylic paints would not stick to it because of the mineral oil. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply, but play dough is not the right thing I'm looking for. This has to be a solid flexible gel so that I can paint on it and take prints from and is easy wipe clean.

Low modulus silicone ?