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General layout all a bit Pete Tongue Answered

The general layout seems to be all over the place :-(

I have noticed that the list of something that includes the Kit Design Challange! on the home page is layed out over the How to add EL wire to a coat tab. the explore channels also keeps converting itself into a list that goes straight down going off the page.

The search is over the Robotics - ACE Quick Fixes area and is not shown as the search.
The notes on the images are not in the correct place, they have been moved over to the right.

Win XP with IE8, tried with compatibility mode on with no difference.
Also tried IE8 on Win7, also on Xoom with Android whatsit browser.

And when I went into competitions and view entries I get logged out, when you try and vote it gives you the popup to log in, enter details and it takes you back to the competition main page.

How can I win if I can't keep voting for myself??? ;-)
Erm, forget I mentioned that last bit.......

Other than that, top job!


It seems that no one has pointed out that "Pete Tong" rhymes with "wrong", "Pete Tongue" doesn't and isn't a DJ.


My fault!
I just assumed that anyone who had heard Pete Tongue would know that it is wrong in all cases of the sense!
But in this case I did mean it as in busted (not the group )or broken (not as in mountain) etc

Aside from clearing your cache and refreshing the page, make sure you don't have any script-blocking add-ons installed (like ad-blocker).

So far every computer no mater what the operating system is that is running IE8 or 9 can not display the layout correctly.
I know it used to be able to do it, somewhere near the beginning of the year, but something changed and it threw the layout off slightly.
As Karlpinterr says, its only when you view an instructable, the main page and forum seem to be OK.

Google have proved that you need some constants in the name because just vowels like IE don't cut it!


Oh, one other thing is that since moving to Chrome I have discovered that you have a Stats page!
This is quite cool :-)
On IE you can do what you want but you don't get a chart at the end of it, you just get a blank area with numbers on the X and Y axis if you are lucky.
The only advantage is if you print it off you can add your own stats making you seem very popular and boosting your ego!

This really sounds like you either have some script-blocking running on your browser, or you need to get the latest updates for your browser.

You can only vote if you're a member (ie logged in) - that bit isn't a bug.

For the rest of it, though, I'm pretty sure the development team would appreciate a screen-shot of your problems.


I know you can only vote if you are a member, and I am :-)What I mean is that when you click the Vote button it asks you to log in, even though I am already logged in, this is not a problem. But when you log in it takes you back to the home page, so you can't vote. and it also logged me back out again.
Seem to be stuck in some sort of perpetual loop!

Try clearing the cache on your browser and then reload the page to see if that makes a difference.

I could understand if it were only on one computer but even our IT guy at work has commented on the layout being all over the place.

Are you all using the same browsers? I have several on my machine (that I use for testing web projects) and I haven't seen this problem yet (except in screenshots).

Can you specify which browser(s) you are using (including version numbers)? Also knowing if you've cleared the cache/reloaded the website, as well as if you've updated your browser(s) would help.

There is a possibility that its a compatibility issue with IE (which is not really a big surprise), which can be fixed if you provide the information needed to re-create the issue.

Hi canucksgirl,

I tried to upload some screen shots in a PDF image on IE 8 and got some errors, it said that the file was over the 10MB limit but the file was actually tiny.
I have added some screen shots in the enclosed document that hopefully will help you.
If you try and update IE8 it goes to IE9 which I personally hate with a passion!

The conclusion from my side is that IE8 has a few "issues" to say the least, I am starting to move towards Chrome which seems to be a lot smoother and more importantly it works!

Thanks for providing the images. I would definitely say that it's a compatibility issue with IE. The real problem with Explorer is that it doesn't 'play with the same rules' as most other browsers, and requires many additional lines of code, written as 'fixes' to manage it. This makes life difficult for web developers trying to satisfy the needs of the end user, not just in a Windows environment, but for those using Mac OS X and other platforms. I personally loathe IE for all the unnecessary frustration that it causes. If you're unable to get Chrome working (as your image notes suggests there's a problem), you might want to look at installing Firefox 11, which still supports XP. It's more than likely your quickest solution to this problem.

Let me know if I can help further.

I'm having a similar layout problem to Djanco - again in IE8 (and also XP Pro, SP3 - 32-bit). The particularly odd thing from my point of view, is that I ONLY get the issue when reading an actual INSTRUCTABLE - community pages like this are fine.

I can read the 'ible ok though (even if thumbnails can take their time getting to the right place), and if I need to go to a different section, I can always click the 'Outside - Bikes...' shortcut, from where I can read through and navigate any index with no layout issues at all.

Or I can use Firefox, now that the issue I was having with its auto-log- / keep-me-logged in seems to have disappeared.

What that tells me is that IE8 is managing the code on community pages, but once you view an instructable, the additional code (that's needed to display the instructables), is confusing IE8, and since it doesn't read code the same way as other browsers, it displays the content differently. From your prospective there isn't much you can do (aside from switching browsers), because the fix has to come from the code level with additional lines written specifically to manage IE. Explorer is so finicky, that "fixes" need to quite often be written for multiple versions of their browsers (meaning a fix for IE6, IE7, IE8, and now IE9). And the important thing is to avoid messing up the layout with other browsers when the additional code is implemented for IE.

Being a web developer, I'm not very fond of explorer, but as long as people continue to use it, developers will have to work hard to keep the continuity of their websites across all platforms, or recommend that users use other browsers. (This is why you may see websites that say "This website is best viewed using browser X")

I hope that explanation helps.

The rather funtastic news is that my sister was trying to look at my Braille Do not Touch, the Paradox (shameless plug) and she has Vista with IE9 with the same display issues as IE8.
So, it looks like Microsoft have a bit of work to do in order to get their act together.

Sort it out Billy!

Or Mr Gates if he prefers to be called that!

At home I have all Chromed up and all is well, however, at work our IT overlords have taken it upon themselves to say we can't use Win7 and that we cant have Chrome, hence the issue I was having earlier :-(

Firefox used to be my first choice until we had compatibility issues with that too.

Never mind, Chrome all the way, problem gone :-)
And I also found a way to use Chrome at work, just don't tell anyone ;-) best keep it between just us wink wink