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GeneralMusic SX3 Keyboard won't load all of the way. Answered

Okay, so I have this organ (the instrument) and I've just started to play but the sound is to... rough, unclean. I remembered that we have this GeneralMusic Sx3 keyboard that sounds nice and clean, so I set it up. but when I turned it on it wouldn't load all of the way, it starts up, shows the logo and starts to load but the "clock" that shows its loading stops after about one and a half rotations. ANY help would be valued! Thanks in advance!  If you need pictures just post on this question and ill post some!


That clock is the electronic equivalent of a car's idiot light. It tells you that something is wrong, but tells you nothing about what is wrong. Someone who knows the beast is going to have to open it up and find out. If you're lucky, it may just be a loose connection somewhere. If you aren't lucky, it may be an ex-keyboard. No way to know which until one gets it onto a bench and starts poking at it.

Though... Try searching the web for other users of that keyboard. If this is a common failure mode, they might be able to suggest probable causes and fixes.

just contacted professional and the clock is not an error sign it is in fact a loading sprite.

Ah. So you just weren't waiting long enough?

I'm not sure, it will begin to load then just freeze up. The longest I've waited is about two and a half hours, but still nothing.

Ask your pro specifically what it means when the clock STOPS moving but is still displayed.

Sounds like it's failing to finish loading. The question is why, and whether it's easily repairable. Not knowing the box, I can't begin to guess.

alright thanks for your help orksecurity! :D It is greatly appreciated!

Hmm thanks for your information I greatly appreciate it. For the past 2 hours I've been online looking for more information but the no prevail. The most sensible solution I've come up with is taking it in to be serviced so I'll have that done. Thank you very much!