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GeoCashing Answered

Hi, I'm looking for a cheap, cheap, cheap GPS, but good, good, good for GeoCashing. Anybody have answers?


My friend Strapped-4-Cache here is a huge GeoCacher!
That is his hobby. He'll know all the stuff on it.

Just providing info.
You outta do a Geocaching 'ible. That's be kinda cool.
Just my $.02

I might do one of these for you. I have a mini cache I made that would make a good 'ible.

yep, First cache today! not so well...

When you say cheap just be warned that when you are talking about finding something with "close cords" and you are setting yourself up for failure. When you buy a cheap GPS unit you may have a hard time getting close to the cache site as cheap usually doesn't get good signal and isn't very accurate. I have a $100 Garmin I got off Craig's list for $50 and it works well. Be careful how cheap you go as micro caches almost require a good GPS. If you need any help or insight on caching let me know. I've got about 50 found already. I haven't been out much this year but I'm heading to Japan this summer so I'll be definitely caching there. Garmins are good but remember you get what you pay for!


10 years ago

All I can recommend is to check out all the popular places:

craigslist, ebay (you'll find enough there to use a different one every single day) local ads. in the (local) papers... :-)

How accurate does it have to be? Couldn't you plug the reference into Google Earth and print out a map to find the caches?

. What? No comment on the (all too common) misspelling of geocaching?

Oh - I just thought he was hiding money left and right... ;-)

I was completely out of the moment, I'm sorry I know how to spell it lol

. My comment was meant as a friendly poke at Kiteman, not a jab at you. But I can see how it would appear to be a jab at you, so sorry about that. No one here, least of all me, expects perfect grammar/spelling - we all get fumble-fingered every now and then.

LOL - quick, write an 'ible about talking to new members - 1. Open mouth 2. Insert foot. ChefAlex - relax, all friends here. All you need is a fully-functional sense of humour and at least enough of a brain to remember to turn the computer on before you start typing.



Call the cooko house people-- this guy's a total psycho!!!!

. I sure am glad you're not one to rub it in.

Yeah, I agree with my friend kiteman, I am a noobie lol. No worries bro

I was being nice to a relative newbie.

Now, if you'd misspelled it ... ;-)

. Lucky for me, FF caught "mispelling." heehee

. With a name like geocaching.com, these guys may know what they're talking about. The link is to their page on selecting/buying GPS units. Sounds to me like durability is the main factor; seems that most GPSs are accurate enough for geocaching.

maybe use your cell phone and pay like (I foget the price) 10 dollars per month or something?