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Get FREE INTERNET Connections : How To Answered


Hey... Just > YOU ARE NOT USING YOUR CELLPHONE INTERNET ACCOUNT !!!!! You are using your cellphone TO find a signal, and to find the NETWORK KEY... to any signals you get. THEN U USE YOUR LAPTOP TO CONNECT THE NETWORK !!!!! Hell yes it is free internet !

There's no free Internet using your cell phone account. You're already paying for that account and possibly charged by the minute for its use.

BTW: The video is at: get_free_internet_connections_how_to

I couldn't get it to display the movie either.

You know, I'm with rogers and hooked my cell up to the computer for msn when I had my main line disconnected, well wouldn't you know, a $485 phone bill popped in the mail box at the end of the month. I ended up bitching them out for charging me the redicioulous rate and got away without paying. Guess what they wanted the $400 for? 6.51mb or something like that. That's some might expensive internet there.

At one time there were a few ISP's that gave connection up for free, but they were very heavily laden with ads, and dialing in normally took a minimum of 3-4 tries. They are gone now, low priced, but not free.

Actually, at least here in germany, there was a way. Connecting to the MMS Server to check for new mesages is free, and it was possible to establish a connection within the clients of the server, for example a cellphone at home that was connected to the MMS server as well, and well, providing your DSL flatrate fee internet connection. The german magazine CT has wrote a larger article about it, and all companies closed this freebie-method right away, so clients connected to the MMS server would a) not be able to establish connections to each other and b) there would be a time-out.