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Get Lit: 10 Great Lamp Instructables Answered

One of the greatest DIY projects to try out is the lamp. Everyone can use a good lamp or two and here are ten different approaches to bringing light to the darkness. Redo the ideas exactly, tweak them, or even mash them up. As long as the result lights up your life and makes you happy it'll be worth the effort.

Mad Scientists Light by tim-1138
The perfect touch for that lab you've been dreaming of putting together.

Japanese lamp from recycled materials by PKM
Put a bit of scrap materials together in this clever way and you'll be able to add a touch of class to your den.

Big lamps from Ikea lampan lamps by daan
These lamps are quite plain on their own, but start putting them together and you can make something amazing.

Universal lamp shade polygon building kit by dan
This classic Instructable uses only one cutout shape to create and extraordinarily wide array of lamp shapes.

Geometric Cut Paper Table Lamp by drips
Start cutting up paper to create a lamp and you'll soon see that the possibilities are endless. Keep experimenting with shapes and sizes to get the light you want.

Paper Wall Lamp by naedhi
One string of rope lights and a slick use of paper to diffuse the light creates a nice modern lamp. Again, you can tweak the design however you want.

RGB Color Controllable High Power LED Room + Spot Lighting by dan
Want some bright lights and the power to create whatever color you want? Then take the plunge into high power LEDs and see how much fun you can have.

Small eco-footprint living room light by marc_alain
Instead of just saying it's green, this Instructable even provides a life cycle analysis. Either way, the lamp itself looks good enough to build even if it wasn't super efficient.

Audio Visual Art....FOTC Style by scooter76
Make some art and light up the room at the same time. Don't care much for the New Zealand duo? Then put whatever you want on there.

Night Stand Charging Station Lamp by drocko
Function meets more function with this lamp that does double duty as a charging station for all your electronic gizmos.


I have the LED cube on my list of things to do soon. :-)

thats exactly what i was just thinking. hehehe.

i really should stop drinking molotov cocktails. they are an intestine's equivilant of getting run over by a tank.

No, but thanks for the link.....I am always open to more ideas, and it IS very similar to what I was planning.


9 years ago

Light Bulb Lam didn't make it.. :( Although the most of these are paper! :D

Beer bottle lamp didn't make it... :( Although the most of these are paper! :D

this is so great! i really needed to see these!

Very interesting lamps!