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Get Some Linux in your life Answered

Windows Vista Is Terrible! But Linux can as cool/cooler than XP if you know how to use it! Share the knowledge!


Linux is by far the best operating system. Why doesn't everybody use it? 1) Ignorance, people think windows and Mac OS's are the only OS's, and if they even know what linux is they probably think it's watered down, crappy, weak, for programers or other stuff like that, etc. 2) Support, companies mainly release stuff for windows or mac cause of reasons above. Nice thing about linux is that a lot of the things are free ;) I'm typing this on windows though... My cnc machine was originally going to run on linux, but there's a lack of CAM software.

Plus, Linux is HELL-A strong. Even Wine is free for linux also so its easy to switch over.

My dad says Mac (apple) almost went out of business until they finally said, nuff of this, then they made OS X

3) Administration is difficult. Even friendly distros like Ubuntu require you to use the command line or administrative tools at times that are nowhere near as user-friendly (read: watered down) as the Windows ones.

The core of this problem is, stereotyping massively, in general WIndows users ask "Why should I have to mess around with the guts of my operating system?" and Linux users ask "Why wouldn't you want to?"

The low desktop-user uptake of Linux can only be righted once a distro comes out that is as easy to install, upgrade, maintain and install applications and hardware on as Windows is, and even then low software availability and unfamiliarity will limit uptake. Plus, making a distro this user friendly and not crippling it would take a lot of work and Microsoft have the billions to spend on usability studies etc.

I think it's possible, but there isn't a strong enough incentive to do it. Perhaps a bundled distro with all the apps you are likely to want, shipped on a DVD for, IDK, $20 with a nice "How to install" booklet/manual, debian-like package managers etc. and possibly a promise to answer queries that aren't addressed in the installation guide. It probably wouldn't cater for the preinstalled prebuilt "I just want to send an email" market but might address a gap between them and the hackers who use Linux already- competent computer users who are willing to experiment, looking for a way out of MS dominance.

That's exactly how I feel. I would be using Linux right now, but it would take far too much effort for me to be able to use my Wifi with it because it won't recognize my adapter (and that would be easy enough to fix, except that when I use Linux I don't have internet and can't look up what to do...)

Actually, I might post a forum post for help on this....

Oh psyche I don't need to now. I now have a wire running from my Wifi transmitter to my computer... It completely defeats the point of Wifi, but it always works now!

i think in computers as in every other tech - the tech should allow - but not require - the user to mess around with the internals. the user should be able to get to the internals and work with them - to some extent. this extent is different for each user --> different os is suitable for each user. make a 'newbie' use an advanced linux distro - he'll complain. let me use a mac - i'll complain too. the difference between "i just want to send email" users and "linux h4xx0rz" is not a simple line. it has dimension and depth. i've seen users that look and act like "send email" 's but they replaced a hard drive and installed os and all software in their box - everything on their own. such users are not far at all from being advanced users should they only wish. i call them 'advance-on-demand users' i think this is the group we should aim at. well - there are some distros that look more or less ok for those guys. mandriva one and archlinux are 2 os i like and arch is what i use myself. the only things that can distract users from it are bugs in some core apps and the use of command line (although its damn simple in arch) .mandriva powerpack costs more than $ 20 but still less than windows and i'd expect it to be good intermediate step between the world of windows/mac to the linux freebies ubuntu is not user friendly at all. it thinks its smarter than the user and destructs every setting he tries to do on his own. it has lots of other similar problems. i used gentoo for 1.5 years and think it is more friendly than ubuntu - cause when you do something in gentoo it works. i'd not give a newbie ubuntu as his 1st distro

Amazing. I'm right with you, except the Ubuntu, (I've never used it before, thus can't align myself with it) I love your first paragraph, my sister got a laptop with Vista and one of the Admin. accounts is locked, only accessible by remote login from Microsoft, which means that although she paid $750, Microsoft is still didn't hand over the top card (the ability to self-admin and ultimate control over the computer) my only guess at the reasoning behind this is that Microsoft thinks that we can't be trusted running our own computers.

what i think you are talking about is called trusted computing. vista has some nasty features based on those technologies but i dont think the 'overlord admin' user has something to do with it

Normally it would be alright, but every time she gets online, something logs into that account and starts a scan by Norton.

then its just a virus. format and install some other antivirus

The laptop didn't come with any re-install discs. Plus, a friend in Michigan got a laptop that's the same brand, Toshiba, and it has the same locked admin. user.

then pkm is right. call them and ask a normal install disk without their preloaded crap or install another os on your own

I would. But like I said, the laptop is my sister's and she doesn't seem to mind being spied on.

I'm guessing this is a problem with a pre-installed OS. If you buy your computer with Vista pre-installed from the shop, they might not give you the install discs so you can't format and reinstall. That's rather beside the point, though- the idea of buying computers preinstalled with spyware and backdoors is one of the reasons I build my own and run Linux (most of the time).

Very cool. Sorry, but I could only get through 3/4rds of it, I'm a little pressed for time right now, I'll hear the rest later.

yeah, I missed going this year....I had the double bypass I needed done just before that, and it ruined my ability to attend in person. :-(

definitly, almost nobody at school knows what Linux is and I have to reexplain it every time the subject come up.

You can even make linux look like XP with a few commands.

my laptop dual boots Vista and Ubuntu 8.04 its really good, I always use ubuntu its so fast. If anyone wants to dual boot it without manually having to go though making all of the hdd partitions ect then use Wubi it automatically does it (but you need to be connected to the Internet while its installing (I'm sure you all know anyway) just search it in Google, I'm sure it will come up with something. thanks :)

i do find ubuntu to be more troublemaker and work slower than most other distros on what hardware you use it ? (and with how much ram ?)

i use it on my Packard bell laptop which has a 160GB hdd and 2GB of ram with an intel centrino duo processor lol i like my laptop :)

and how much ram it uses for applications / cache ?

it uses about up to 1 gb for apps/cashe hardly ever needs to go higher


10 years ago

Haha. I totally agree. Linux is the best. I dual boot Ubuntu and XP even though I never use XP anymore. What does everyone else use?

As soon as I get my Eee PC, I'm gonna dual boot Ubuntu Ibex/Vista Home Premium. As much as I've come to love Linux, there's still a few things about Vista that I just can't completely abandon.

arch linux its simple construction (not complicated when it comes to tinkering with) and very fast

SUSE 10.0 with gnome and kde desktops on two comps.

heres something to think about.... I tried to install a game on my comp that dual boots linux and win xp (thats about all i use xp for, games and storing music.) and the comp completely crashed. All of my music and stuff was lost. I got linux to boot and not only saved my home work and at least 3/4 my music but also redid the XP hard drive and restored my music. (that was the last straw, I gave up on xp)

I remember that! You could barely get it showing on the SmartBoard.... I'm sorry for your loss... of Linux. Maybe you could e-mail asus and get another copy of the OS you had. If you can, I bet they'd include that new 8-second start launchpad that comes with Eees these days. Good luck!

no, no, this was my home comp in a wooden cabinet. The laptop was a different story, though it followed the same plot.

thinking of getting a new macbook soon. hope the OS is OK; heard lots of good things about it.... but i may ask mattameo to install some dual boot linux on it... could ya? --c u @ school {(Monty)}

and hopefully Call of Duty 4 will work online on it, otherwise the reputation of macs (the good reputation, not the egotistical one) will be slandered forever. By me.

If not, then I might be able to get Win XP to dual boot with Linux and Mac OS X. Of course the price for such demonic acts fall just short of ripping the time space continuum apart and reorganizing all the matter of the universe into a single speck, then I would have to use the intense gravity of all universal things and hold the operating systems together and keep them from fighting......

Unless the Mac techies are from Mars, Which I don't actually doubt.......
I can most probably put GRUB to dual boot. GRUB is GRand Unified Bootloader.
Hope I can help!

i use suse 10 and xp in dual boot.

You said your xp isn't mine and then I asked YOU 2 ? the 8 by the word cough is supposed to be a star I just forgot to press SHIFT.....