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Get a Jump Start on Your Project at TechShop Menlo Park This Saturday Answered

If you have a project in mind that you want to make, but you're not sure how to get started, the folks at TechShop invite you to come to the TechShop Project Kickoff and BBQ on Saturday, October 4 from 10 AM to 5 PM at TechShop Menlo Park and get expert help.

A panel of expert makers (including TechShop staff, TechShop Instructors, and TechShop's founder Jim Newton) will field your questions, offer advice, and help get you moving in the direction of success with your project, no matter how big or small.

This event is free and open to everyone who has a project they want to build, and you don't need to be a TechShop member to attend. Just bring your project ideas and your thinking cap.

TechShop is a membership-based DIY workshop that gives you access to tools and equipment, wide-open workspace, expert instruction, and a vibrant community of makers so you can build the things you have always wanted to make.

TechShop Menlo Park Web Site: http://www.techshop.ws


It is hard to find Techies in my area (its hard to find businesses that own computers from this century in my area). And I live only a (let me see) 12 day drive away *sigh*

Yeah, the Amish don't really oblige to using computers much.. :D

There is also the "Black Bumper Mennonites" as well as a lot of sects in between. But I mean the companies here are pretty far back too. It was like, 1996 or 1998 when we finally got rid of Punch cards (*sigh*)

Yeah, ever drop a whole tray (about 3,000) of them ? Now, you put them back in order LOL


Not yet, but hopefully in the near future. There seem to be a lot of makers in your area!

I'm interested in a project I been wanting to do , I want to build a cOmbo solar and small vertical wind turbine system , i have a 60 watt solar system from harbor freight and i read somewhere that i can connect a turbine to the control charger the solar system comes with but not sure, also i need to make a retractable pole system that the solar panels and vertical turbine would be set on but not sure how the pole would retract up and down " made from PVC or Aluminum Pipe " ANY HELP WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED

That sounds like a great Instructable! I haven't done any solar or wind home power projects yet (other than designing the original Solar Death Ray on MythBusters), so I can't speak directly to whether the Harbor Freight controller would work with a turbine. We do have a fair number of members here at TechShop menlo Park who are working on solar and wind stuff, but I haven't seen anybody try that yet. I'll bet some Instructablers will chime in and make suggestions. Another great source for this kind of knowledge is Home Power magazine (www.homepower.com). Good luck!

Seattle is probably about as close as we are likely to open near you. Is that about 30 miles?


9 years ago

aww , Free usable laser cutter (kind of ) one of these days i'll live in california

Well, it isn't quite free. We do have a membership fee. ;) If you do move to California to get access to TechShop, you won't be the first. There are actually 3 people who are TechShop members who have moved from out-of-state to be able to use TechShop in Menlo Park! One of them is our member Walt. He moved from Tucson to the Bay Area to use TechShop...check out the video news story we have linked on our Press page about TechShop from our local CBS affiliate's nightly news.

Yeah, i know , but i mean , that i can use (mostly) freely laser cutter , (here You can only rent one and it costs about 250 a day ) and i need to buy the materials , there i can just pick everything up and start !

Are there makers in Mexico? Do you think there would be enough community support there for a TechShop? Thanks!

Sadly , i've only met like 2 people who really "make " stuff and we're all spread across the republic , (believe me , it's easier if i move to SF , lol)

OK, well then maybe we won't have one there. We will put TechShop locations anywhere there is demand, but you're right...it might not make sense there.

That is TOO COOL! We all cheered out loud here at TechShop HQ! Thanks for doing that.

You mention your expanding, what are the prospects for the UT SLC Valley if any? this is the kind of setup I've dreaming of for years but have lacked the means and while I was in school I hadn't the time to figure out the logistics to pull something this phenomenally terrific off.

A lot of people have asked about having a TechShop in SLC. I'm sure we will have one there at some point!

Hey, it could happen. We want to put TechShops in every community in which there are enough makers who want one and will support it.

well... this is kind of expensive...

I'm curious...how much do you think access to a 15,000 square foot workshop, and over a quarter-million dollars worth of tools and equipment should cost?

oh... lol, nevermind then, i thought it was just a question-asking thing, with some small tools... i'll see if i can make it to one!

Coil guns and rail guns are legal to make, and make great science fair projects...sure you can make them at TechShop of you work safely!


9 years ago

Jim, I think you still hold the official record for Instructables use - I still haven't heard anything to beat your 14-hours straight! Hope the event went well.

Hi Christy... Do you mean when I first discovered Instructables, and I spent all that time pouring through it? The event was really fun. I love talking to people about their project ideas!

One near NYC would be nice.

Yeah, there is a lot of demand for a TechShop in or around NYC! We'll have one there too in the next few years!

Any coming to Ohio?

Not immediately, but in the next few years, yes. We want to build TechShop locations all over the world. We are opening in Durham, NC and Portland, OR this year (2008).

Hmm, maybe I can build a Tesla coil there! :-)