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Get rid of the SIGN UP pop-up Answered

Nowadays many sites do this very horrible thing that is really annoying to the point I just want to throw my monitor out the window or beat the crap out of my monitor with my keyboard over and over.

When you go to a site, like this one, you are reading the article, instructable, watching a video (or whatever), and few seconds to 2 mins later, the screen dims and a pop-up comes out saying "do you want to sign up?"

Other sites might say "do you want to subscribe?" "Click "like" if you like this article"

This is one of those things that's really fking annoying.
If people want to sign up, they can click on it in the top right corner. The sheer amount of sites that do this, that forces you to read their pop-up, making you close it everytime. The only thing I am interested in is the instructable/artcle I was currently reading...

This site would be decent if you removed it.



2 years ago

there is a reason that the sign-up popup will not be removed,it is because theree are bean counters running the site...

Just wondering - how do you think the site owners pay their bills?

just like i do.. by providing a good product that people want to buy...looks to me like there is a lot of buyers remorse going on.

"A lot of buyer remorse"? I count four unhappy people, and it has taken a month and a half for those four to accumulate.

Instructables *do* provide a good product, and people do want to "buy" it, as evidenced by the 15 million *new* hits the site gets every month, on top of the millions of regular readers and thousands of regular contributors. They buy it in one of three ways - they pay cash for a pro membership, or they contribute content in return for that same pro membership, or they tolerate the adverts.

Personally, I do not get the pop-ups because I am Pro. I was one of the first people to pay for a pro account, but since then I have been lucky enought o have enough projects Featured that I have not had to pay since. If you enjoy using the site (and I see you have been a member for nearly seven years, so I guess you do), and really dislike the adverts so much, then why not simply contribute in some way - pay for pro, or post an Instructable of sufficient quality or originality that it gets Featured?

Wait, so you are defending the sign-up popup by saying the site is getting a lot of hits? When you visit the page, the site gets a hit. If that was the goal, you are done. The popup does not get more hits. If they moved the popup to the corner of the screen, it would still be noticeable, but not annoying. This seems like an easy fix.

No, I was explaining to swilke that he was wrong to imply that the site ("product") was not good and not wanted, by pointing out how many millions of people regularly choose to use it.

Fun fact - if you "bought" my "product" for just ten minutes a week since you joined, and had to pay for my time at my "real world" rate, you would owe me roughly $2600.

There are roughly 150,000 projects on the site. They are of many different scales, but I calculate that, roughly, based purely on the man-hours required to make those projects and publish them on the site, that's a resource with a cash value of at least $15,000,000 (and maybe as much as $45,000,000), and all it "costs" most readers to get unlimited access to that is a click on a button.

I can't think of any other resource with a better value than that. Can you?

What makes you think so? And what, in your view, is the product that this site sells?

AGREE. I hate the popup. Every website tries really hard to create or provide useful and interesting content in an effort to get more people to their website. Yay it worked, I am at your website reading your article. Then, you punch me in the face, trying to get me to stop reading. It is like you don't want me to read the content on your website. Ok, I guess I will leave then.

The thing with pop ups, pop unders and unwanted other things is that site owners need a way to make money.
Some do it more subtle with just some ads in annyoning places, others do it really mad by placing a popup in such a way that the screen is blocked - clicking it away usually opens another tab with even more unwanted crap.
I agree Instructables can be a bit annoying as a non-member and maybe even still as a free member.
But I have to admit that it is nowhere near what you need to tolerate from other websites.
I had videos playing at full volume minutes after checking a website- very annyoning to find where the noise is coming from with 10 or more tabs open.
Reminds me of an old ad for ad blocker:
Guy walks into a church meeting because they advertised free WiFi to get more people.
While checking his emails he got spammed by ads from sex sites with full volume sounds and all.
If you are a member here and the sign up pop up is the only thing of a problem then simply sign in ;)

Oh, I hate those pop ups that open a new tab when you try to close them. Unless I really have to be on the site for some reason, I will just leave and never go back.

I agree that Instructables is very tolerable compared to other sites. They really seem to keep the advertising to a minimum, and they are very reasonable about the pro memberships. I have accumulated enough free pro memberships to last for more than two years, if I ever manage to get back to writing Instructables. I might just have to give them away. :)

This is what you do when the "sign up" pop up interrupts you while you are trying to read an Instructable:

1) Slowly curl your hands up into fists.

2) While shaking fists at computer, say loudly, in an annoyed and exasperated tone of voice "Go away! I already signed up, I just don't feel like singing in right now!". (insert expletives of your choice)

3) Click the little X at the top of the pop up box, watch it obediently go away and quietly continue reading.

Seriously, I am even more annoyed by pop ups than the average person. But the problem is very easily resolved by just clicking it to make it go away. Or better yet, just sign in and then it will go away and stay away. It's really not that big of a deal.

its not ok to stop reading and click the x to make the box go away...it is a big deal to annoy me with a pop up. I usually close the whole page and dont read any further lol.

LOL Okay, I guess there are people who more annoyed by pop ups than I am.

It depends on how interested you are in what you are reading. I can't imagine just closing the whole page when I am half way through an Instructable. Not if its one I really want to read.

You just tell your browser to save your log-in, you get automatically logged in every time you visit, and never see the pop-up again.

Ah, I never thought of that. As a general rule, I don't save login info, just to be safe. But it wouldn't hurt to start doing it for some things, especially as my memory is getting a little more spotty.

I can give you a hammer if you want one ;)

Fix pop-up login so it works with LastPass auto-login.... that will help me and I won't be annoyed by the pop-up. (No thanks, I don't want to sign in with facebook.)

Why would you sign in with FB when you can just sign in with your Instructables password?

As I read the LastPass website, this site doesn't need to do anything for LastPass to work - you just install the add-on and make sure it's running.

I see people here don't get out much.

1. This is not a "single pop-up" we're focusing on: it's every website nowadays thinks it's awesome to INTERRUPT visitors in the middle of what they're doing and ask for their e-mail for the newsletter, or a survey, or some other nonsense. This site especially even further diverts you away from the page you were TRYING to read into some stupid signup procedure!

2. There's nothing wrong with the site asking you to sign up. If it was popping something up UNOBTRUSIVELY from the side telling me "please consider signing up here if you like the content here", and at least AFTER I'm done reading or whatever else was it that I came for, then it would be fine! But no, you put that nonsense up directly in my way and require me to interact with it before I'm done, and "rude" is one hell of an understatement for such behavior.

3. If the vitality of this site depends so much on its members, then how about NOT pissing them off with interruptions of that sort for starters? How about considering what THEY came here for and what would be most comfortable for them? Is it comfortable for you when you're sitting in the restaurant and browsing the menu, and I come and take it away from you in the middle and replace it with a subscription form? Does it look like an acceptable workflow/procedure for you?

Now maybe people here don't realize it, or they're just signed up to every single website they visit on the internet, but this "just a single popup" nonsense is all over the internet! It's not just here, it's not "just once" and just because it's "free" doesn't legitimize such a poor design and behavior, nor does it make sense to take surveys as soon as you enter a website for the first time, and before you're done with it, nor does it make sense to offer me any subscriptions for "even more great articles" before I'm even half way through one of them!

If it still baffles you as to "why would someone get to uptight about a single popup if they can easily close it", then look back into a not-so-distant past when popup blocking technology was introduced into EVERY mainstream browser we know (including Internet Explorer). Can you guess why would they bother with all that if it's not a big deal? Have we learned any important lessons from that? Evidently not, because CSS and JS brought us a means to bypass that technology and you people are now defending that!

If a person simply signs up for a free account, the pop up won't come up anymore. In addition, as a member, they have the right to come to the forums and rant about what's wrong with the internet and capitalism.

Well, I'm a member and I get the pop-ups. Perhaps it's because I don't like to be signed in to a (this) site unless I want them to track what I'm doing -- like buying product or searching product. But, also, I get the "please join" popups when I click on a featured instructable that comes in my email. I would think with "cookies" enabled, you (Instructables) would know that I have a membership and could eliminate that popup from popping up.

If you're not logged in, it can't tell you're a member. Sounds like you need to decide if you want to accept tracking or the pop ups.

"If the vitality of this site depends so much on its members, then how
about NOT pissing them off with interruptions of that sort for starters?"

The thing is, if you are a member of the site, you don't get the pop-up. There are no interruptions for you to complain about.

You have only actually been a member for a matter of hours as I type, but you seem to have a lot of pent-up anger about the pop-up. This begs the question - how long have you been consuming the content of this site for absolutely no charge at all, without even having to go to the effort of signing up?

You're not seeing the bigger picture here. If I'm a member of the
site, the interruptions I complain about are far from gone. There's just
n-1 of them to be stopped by as I go on about my daily life. Do you
know the size of n? I assure you, it's pretty damn big, because every
website that has "articles" in it at one point sees others using this
out right idiotic technique and come to the conclusion that it's
A-OK - that popups work and that interrupting someone in the middle of
the "flow" (even if it's only relevant after the person is done
reading/evaluating the content anyway) doesn't make you look like a D
for some reason, but encourages membership and community!

So no,
now that I'm a happy member of this site (aren't you glad I joined?),
there ARE still interruptions from those n-1 other websites, whose
quantity only grows, and maybe you do, but I have no intention to create
accounts in every single one of them, and otherwise promote such
strategies. Believe it or not, I have better things to do, and I'd
rather beg Mozilla, Google and Microsoft to upgrade their popup blocking
mechanisms and reduce pagerank to such websites, thus solving the
problem on a larger scale like it was solved with popup windows back in
the day. Did you like the concept of popup windows?

You asked
how long I've been "consuming the content of this site for absolutely no
charge at all", so here it is: the content was linked to by a friend of
mine, I arrive at the page, I TRY to read what it says, the page sees
that I'm in the middle of it and blocks the content with the customary
CSS popup - yay! This summarizes my experience here, and I didn't really
get to finish reading even that one article because the site in its
infinite wisdom diverted me away from it into a registration page!

didn't think I was sitting on Instructables all day, did you? Hell no,
it's my first time here! I have, however, been exposed to much more
websites like this that shamelessly do the same damn thing - enough to
have all that pent-up anger in me (not about "the popup", mind you -
about ALL OF THEM), and enough to stop closing the tabs of such
websites and avoiding them all together, but sit here with my attitude
on your heads and "express my discomfort", so to speak.

And please
don't do the whole "this is free, so you don't have the right to
complain" routine, for this is the whole business model of everything
today (even Microsoft with their new OS!): we give you free stuff, thus
we're allowed to give you the shaft and you're allowed to ignore us if
you don't like it. The problem is: when you're popular enough (e.g.
Google, Facebook), the harder you are to ignore, because you're all over
my social media, you're all over my Google searches and I have people
linking to you because they're not tired enough of being interrupted
everywhere they go yet, and no - I don't want to make an account or
subscribe to newsletters just because I happened to stumble over one
article that fit something I may have searched for! It doesn't make any

Also, I'm more than eager to throw Facebook out of my life,
for instance, but it just so happens that if I do, it will
significantly impact my studies and thus, my future. That's how "free" works today, you see?

So you are mostly complaining about other websites? Is that correct?

It's not the "bigger picture" I'm missing, it is the point of your rant - are you somehow expecting that throwing a temper tantrum at the members of this site will make all those other sites change a policy which (a) has nothing to do with this site in any way, shape or form and (b) works?

OK, so this is your first time here - we are not like all those other sites.

I suggest you take a pause, have a coffee, five minutes away from the keyboard, and then come back and browse this site before making any more comments. Read the projects, read the comments, read the forums. We are a community - a very large, diverse community. We are not Facebook, we are not YouTube, and there is no demand for you to keep a permanent ongoing presence here. If, in the end, you don't like it, all you need to do is stop coming - nobody is going to stalk you and demand you return.

This morning I went to one of my favourite sites and found that it's front page banner was replaced by pop up ads! I'm always signed in. I did sign out and in again, still ads. I've had to instigate a pop up blocker on instructables.

Forgot to mention, been a pro member for years. Though there seem to be less and less reasons to be one.

150,000 detailed projects, all available for free, without even having to sign up, plus free membership, no spam, and an awesome, active community dedicated to improving the world through Making.

All that, and you focus on a single pop-up??

There is no site like instructables where members do research, spent money & time and document what they do. What is wrong if the site asks you to sign up? It is free. Moreover you can just sign in with most of social network like Facebook IDs

That is the thing these days....
People expect that everything they find on the net is for free.
Sad truth is that someone has to pay the bills.
If your only problem is that websites you are not registered with give you a pop up than I really fail to see why you complain.

Do you still get the pop-ups when you are signed in with an account? Did you know the vitality of this site depends on its members?

since you have an account now those will disappear.....