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Get the LED Out! Speed Contest Winners Announced Answered

Instructables is happy to announce the winners of the Get the LED Out! contest. As this was a speed contest, all of the voting was done by YOU and (for the random prize) a plastic bin.

To see the full list of entries simply check out the group. For a speed contest, the quality and quantity of the entries was pretty amazing and there are several that deserve to be looked at and appreciated. A big "thank you" to everyone who entered and showed us all the cool things that can be done with a tiny light.

But enough about that... on with the winners!

Pageviews and Ratings Prizes - For receiving the most pageviews and the highest ratings, the authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt, an Adafruit Industries TV-B-Gone kit, and $75 worth of LEDs from Phenoptix.


Awesome led cube by AlexTheGreat

Page Views

LED Mood Jar! by joejoerowley

Notes about the winners: While it is a great Instructable, Make your own Roll Up Keyboard was disqualified from winning a prize in this contest since the Instructable didn't involve putting any LEDs into the roll-up keyboard. Also, the Awesome led cube was the top of both lists, but was selected as the Ratings winner since it had the bigger lead in Ratings, by ratio, over the second than it did for Page Views.

Ratings Prize Runners-up - For receiving the next highest ratings, the authors of these four Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name pulled out of a plastic bin, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt, an Adafruit Industries TV-B-Gone kit, and $75 worth of LEDs from Phenoptix.

and the random winner is...
this heartfelt Instructable.


Are you going to do this contest again?

I started working on the cube before he made that instructable. Would you like me to credit his instructable for being similar?

Alex - I was pointing out his instructable was posted way before yours. So you didn't know anything about the first posted instructable? Could be a fluke I guess. The idea is very basic and I've seen it happen before. Fungus - As far as I know Instructables also encourages (or downright follows) creative commons - i.e. crediting an inspiration source. It is always nice to have someone add on to an idea! That's what the community is all about. But not crediting is stealing. Strictly out of curiosity, do you guys know each other?

I I started working on my cube before his instructable was even published. The cube you see in my instructable was actually the third one I made, I actually made that one solely for the instructable, because I didn't take pictures of the first two. I saw his instructable before I posted mine, but I had already made two cubes by then, and was not inspired to make them by his instructable. (that would require manipulating time, although my instructable say the cubes can, they actually can't) No, I don't know him.

They're similar, but not the same. They differ in size, materials, process, light-source, purpose ... Just because they're both cuboid does not make either a copy of the other.

Even if it was inspired by the other one (which as Alex said it wasn't), then we still encourage people to make variations on other Instructables.

That would be nice, but it doesn't have an effect on the contest

Congratulations to the winners:) By the way can anybody tell me the name of the song from the video above? Thanks in advance!

Congratulations everyone! All the winners are fantastic

I was so close! CURSE YOU, MOOD JAR!!! :P But really, congrats to everybody. :D

Thanks. Your instructable is really cool too. I never told you about the mood jar history. I made this for a friend in the hospital that is really sick. She has to have a liver transplant. So I thought that it would brighten her day. :)

It has been about a week and she till can't get it because she has an autoimmune disease

You could put the whole thing together and disinfect the outside with the same gel that hospitals provide for cleaning hands. Replace the switch with a tilt switch and she can turn it off by turning it upside down, no need to get at the insides at all.

No, I already asked about disinfectants. The said you can't even bring in balloons right now only paper, so I will just wait. Anyway she is not off her sedatives yet once she is off them I will be in the clear. I like the idea of a tilt switch. I was just thinking of using a magnetic switch that is off in the presence of a magnetic field and so when she moved the jar, the light would tern on. The only problem is that I have already changed the jar so that it also has a white led mode so it can be used as a lantern.

not really. She has a window to the outside which happens to be a good 10 stories high. The other window is not visible from the bedside.

Oh. Well then it's kind of a problem with it being 10 stories high...

Don't get me wrong but I don't really want to stay in a hospital because I got injured at one. The would not be very good PR for the hosiptal. I can see the headline now "Boy falls off Hospital!"

Well at least you'd be close to a place where you could get medical help...

Near our hospital theres a hill that would be great to sled down and if someone got hurt the hospital would be right there.

Thanks for all the great comments. Runner-up is very cool for our first Instructable. We ended up with a tee shirt, a patch and a lot of new friends. Thanks again.

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The Awesome Led Cube is a very simple thing, but it's absolutely a worthy winner. It looks really nice. Congrats to him and the other winners.

Congrats everyone!!!

Wow, that was a close-run thing - I missed out on a prize by only 220 views in over 11,000!

crazy! well done! Your instructable is very cool worthy of the prize also.


I'll have to be more subtle with my spam next time... ;-)

The tool tips is great contest. Makes sense to have a whole month all about how to use tools. I am looking forward to seeing some new instructables stuff.

Awww nuts, back to selling plasma for LED's..

Wow, I've never won anything in a contest before. Granted it was the random prize, but still, I'm counting it. Congrats to the guys who won by ratings and page views!

Congrats!! I thought you deserved the big prize, but apparently I was wrong.

it's over already? *covers up flying LED toaster*
speed contest is an appropriate name!

Congrats to all entrants!

~~NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~~ Congrats all!

Wow this is crazy! I never imagined this in my wildest dreams! Well done by all, there are a lot of great instructables in the competition. I would like to thank all of the, GorillazMiko and Kiteman. Also all of the staff ewilhelm
noahw ,randofo, Tetranitrate ,trebuchet03
and a lot more staff members. Also I would like to thing everyone on this site for inspiring me in one way or another.
Thanks for everything
Joe Rowley

congrats everyone!

I didn't win anything, but oh well. Congratulations to all winners!

Congratulations winners! It was a great contest!