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Getting Annoying, PDF Answered

This is getting annoying I just bought one year subscription two days ago.

I am trying to download the PDF and it is not letting me download. Also when I go to different page each time it is asking me to login. And when I try to download the PDF it logs me out. It is also telling me to by new subscription, so please fix these problems.
Other than that, in my account it says that I will be charged for new subscription after one year automatically. I would like to cancel automatic subscription option. I do like this site it is best online source for new projects but it is not well organized. For help, contact, account information and no Phone line were we can get customer service. So please reply me as soon as possible. My user name is patel.raj. If this problem going to be continued I would like to cancel my current subscription and want refund.




8 years ago

I'm pretty sure this is a bug that we have been seeing for Internet Explorer. Could you see if it works using Firefox or Chrome?