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Getting a toilet bowl white again Answered

Ok so I can't get the orange stuff off. Any suggestions. And yes I've tried CLR. Also if there are any suggestions on how to fix the worn porcelain  that would be awesome.
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Have you tried white vinegar? Or just a good hard scrub?

White vinegar - great stuff, isn't it !?! And you can even make salad dressings out of it, (though personally, I'd prefer apple cider vinegar for my salads..).

IF the white vinegar doesn't do the job first time round - you could try applying some sodium bicarb' and scrub it in, or even caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) if it's a serious stain - and leave it on for a few hours, or even days if possible..

And then wash it off with the good ol' white vinegar again - applied with the long-handled toilet brush.

+1 You could also sponge the water out of the bowl and use it full strength.

Acid, it sounds like scale.
Try tipping a litre of vinegar in there last thing at night and then giving it a brush first thing in the morning.



6 years ago

Don't use bleach. We use this stuff called Acid Magic. Dunno where you could get it, but it works great. You could also put a bit of Oxi-Clean in there.

I hate to say it but those pumice sticks really do work. I swore I'd never use such a crude tool to scrub a toilet but I HAD to get the rental's toilet clean so I could get my deposit back. The sound/feel of the pumice against the ceramic surface was a little unnerving due to the amount of time I've spent in a dentist chair, but once the pumice begins to become a paste it gets easier.
I'm not certain I'd use pumice on a newer toilet but it WILL work. And the pumice sticks are fairly cheap!

How long did you try CLR for? You have to leave the CLR in for days. DAYS. I think my record is 5 days, but it did finally get the bowl clean!

I would have to fill it to the brim. When I flush it wouldn't that make it over flow?

Sodium hydoxide (caustic soda / lye) or acid, e.g. half a litre of pickling-vinegar overnight.