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Getting printed lines on paper(8.5x11) that go to the edge? Answered

Well i have been making paper craft recently and i need a lot of small rectangles and i fold then cut them but sometimes the cut is off and it is no good i could get a table scissor thingy that can cut a lot at the same time but my parents think i would chop my finger off with it... Instead of folding and cutting it there a way i can print out preset lines?


Aside from changing the margins in the printer settings and program you are printing from, they also sell rotary cutters that are (somewhat) safer than guillotine cutters.

This seems like the best answer to me. Most printers won't even print to the edge of paper so it may not be software issue.

Use Excel, and the Format-cells-border / Format-column-width / Format-row-height functions (for rectangles),



6 years ago

Your a great builder, think how you would manipulate a paper page and
run lines to the edges when your product's sales depend on the pages
per minute.



6 years ago

It might depend on the program and the printer but the normal way that it is done is to change the page margins all the way to the edge of the page. The margin is an area that the program and printer reserves as blank, so when you set the margin to a certain point that is as far as the printer will go. Most printers can do borderless printing so if its printing as a picture set it to do boderless and it should go all the way to the edge also.