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Getting rid of a Coke Can's Curve? Answered

In my quest of making use of beverage cans, I have come to one of the many points where I don't know what to do. As we all know, Coke cans are cylindrical. For this particular project of mine, I'm going to cut the top and bottom of the can off, and then slice the can vertically to create one long sheet. I need this sheet to be flat, but the curve is very resistant against my attempts to get rid of it. I've tried putting the sheet under a large dictionary and waiting a day or so, but to no avail. Does anyone know a way to fix this? Even if it isn't perfectly flat, it'd be alright. Thanks!


. The "reverse wrap" that others have mentioned should work pretty well. Use some type of round "anvil" (baseball bat?) and gently slide the pieces across the anvil while applying light pressure. Don't try to do too much at one time, lots of little steps. . It will take a long time to do it with out creating wrinkles, but you can get it pretty flat that way. . For the ends, just turn the piece of Al sideways and use the same method.

This is a tricky one.. I've tried flattening the sheet before by reverse wrapping, it didn't turn out as well as hoped. Especially the curve at both end of the sheet, they still remain curvy despite several attempts, the mid-region flat-out quite well though.. You can still get a (somewhat) flat sheet if you reverse-wrap and trim the stubborn curvy ends, but of course the sheet will end up being smaller.. Heat treatment might work, but I personally haven't tried it...

That should be alright, since I'm not using the whole sheet for one thing. I'm actually going to get 2 pieces per sheet, with room to spare.


10 years ago

Lay it out flat on a hard flat surface and hold the edges with some bricks. Get a small hammer and just hit it, after a bunch of blows it should be very flat, but there will be imprints if you hit it too hard.

Sounds good. I'll try it.

I would say reverse wrap, or heat it up a fair deal (aluminium has a low melting point so it shouldn't be too hard), then slam it in between sheets of something in a clamp.

Can you not roll it up in the opposite direction (Wearing Gloves)?

For how long would you think that would be needed? You see, for some reason, my brain just misses out on simple solutions such as these. Thank goodness y'all are here....

That's why this forum exists ;-)

You need to reverse-wrap it. Bend it into a curve in the opposite direction. It can still be a bit tricky though. Heat-treatment may help, but I've never tried it. L

I will try that and get back to you. Thanks!