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Getting sponsors for a Monster Lawn Mower Answered

I am thinking of building a "monster lawn mower" for exhibition use, (parades, local monster truck shows, fairs, etc.) However, I am a high school student, and don't have the cash to do this. I was thinking about getting it sponsored by lawn mower companies, tire companies, websites, or even private investors. Has anyone ever tried building a similar vehicle, or getting a large project sponsored? Let me know your experiences. I am willing to take any help I can get. 


Have you ever heard of the Awesome Foundation?

They make significant contributions towards a wide variety of projects, purely on the grounds of awesomeness.

I hadn't heard of them, but I will check them out. Thanks!


5 years ago

Never done it before, but assuming you are in a rural/farming/redneck area ( all with utmost respect hehe) try the local 4 wheeler, atv and tire places. Local grain and feed stores are good prospects too.
It would help to have a mock up model to show off, or some drawings/diagrams. Investors like to see substance when they put money down on things. Good luck.