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Ghost subscribers Answered

I'm wondering why I suddenly have a bunch of "ghost subscribers" (members with no 'ibles). Is this spam? 



5 years ago

Maybe you just have an incredibly awesome collection of I'bles? Oh, sorry, my mistake ;-> (yes, that's just rattling your cage).

An easy way to tell is to check the dates those members joined, and see if they have comments or forum topics. Some spammers (like gold farmers) have to exercise the features of the site in order to figure out how to effectively create SPAM postings.

....I took a look at a few of your followers who don't even have profile pictures. They seem to each have done a whole bunch of "following", without comments or forum topics. They may not be SPAMmers, just people who are confused and think this site is some sort of Failbook or Twit clone.


Reply 5 years ago

I have noticed that some spammers join, follow a random bunch of members and post a couple of vaguely positive comments ("Thank you for the interesting information."), presumably to look legitimate before they spam.