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Giant Ad Answered

There's a huge National Geographic ad on just about every topic that takes up the whole page. So much that I have to scroll down just to see a title. Can we get this removed? I know it'll probably be gone after the premiere anyway, so I'd also like to suggest not approving these kinds of ads in the future.



But who would turn Adblock on for a site that supports itself through limited advertisement?

Oh yeah, me when I got sick of it logging me out constantly after I paid big bucks to NOT see the ads.

Same! Except I think they changed the wording to "less" ads. -_- I've not heard of paying for LESS advertising, only NO advertising. They want to have their cake and eat it, too.

I understand your feelings about "less" advertising. Please see Eric's comment on this page for why it says that.

I don't think I've ever seen an ad on this site, even logged out. Adblock works..

Please accept my apologies about that. We had those ads targeted to pro members by accident. PM me and I'll give you a 1-year pro code to say sorry.

With a pro membership, you should only see ads for stuff on Instructables in our normal ad units. Anything else is a mistake. We currently have the language about "less advertising" rather than "no advertising" because I foresee a situation where we want to run an ad using a system outside our ad server, which will make it technically difficult prevent that ad from showing up for pro membership. For example, something like a special background image ad on the homepage, or a special tab (like where Halloween currently lives) that leads to a sponsored page.