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Giant Hanging Light Bulb Lamp Answered

I'm wanting to create a giant hanging light bulb lamp, similar to the ones I've uploaded, but I'm not really sure how I would go about doing it. I think I would make it out of plastic. So I would need to create a mold and then make two halves on a vacuum form, but I have no experience doing that. I'm not sure how I would make a mold of a giant light bulb, what materials to use and how to make it. I had thought about maybe cutting something out on a lathe but I don't have a lathe and it seems like it would have to be pretty big. I also thought about paper mache but I was afraid it might be too bumpy and light bulbs are smooth. Also once I have created the vacuum form plastic halves how I would attach them together with out having a large seam show.



2 years ago

How many attorneys does it take to change a giant light bulb :)


3 years ago

You might want to also look into blowmolding which is like what they do with glass bottles or real light bulbs. Lots of ibles on vacuum forming and "buck" mold making.