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Giant Knit Animals Storm CHA Answered

Our friends at Lion Brand Yarns recently suffered a collective wave of gigantism when they set about designing this Winter's offering for the Craft and Hobby Association.  What may have started as a collection of delicately detailed stuffed animals has grown to monstrous proportions.  (Monstrously adorable that is!)

Scroll through their flickr stream so you can get a fair idea of the full scale of these creatures.  And if that's not enough, come see them in person at this year's Maker Faire!

While you're checking out these amazing creations, get your inspiration on for our upcoming Critters Contest with Lion Brand.   Ladies and gentlemen, start your needles!



8 years ago

Wow! I didn't realize the actual scale of them until I saw the photo of the woman with the giraffe. I thought the animals would be big, but they are huge! And well-made by the looks of it.