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Giant Plastic Cup Answered

Hey all, I couldn't find anyone who sells these on the Internet so I'd like to find the best way to make them. The cups would be about 2ft tall, and would look just like a plastic cup used at beer parties. I'm throwing my buddy his bachelor party and this would be hilarious! I was thinking maybe carving half the cup out of a Styrofoam block then, laying fiberglass in it. Then gluing the two pieces together. I'm not sure about drinking out of a fiberglass cup though. Thoughts on building this, or a link where I could buy something like this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


hey! I have this e-mail too and I've been searching for these amazing cups too!!

Hi all! This is Elaine from LimiTeds.com in the UK - the link that has been provided above is my website (lucky me, eh!!??) Just so you have a heads up, we've got very few of the cups left in stock at the moment and they cost quite a lot to ship to anywhere outside of mainland UK (Great Britain) - SO.... if you want a cheaper option in the U.S. then I know IKEA are now doing some coffee cup stools, but so far only in black, lime green or yellow (I think!) Feel free to email us if you want any info..... also we're getting some more in soon as they have been so popular - they are wayyy cool as umbrella stands, and to put your kids in (they need to be smallish for that tho! And not permanently - that's an advisory note!!! ..... Elaine, LimiTeds.com UK


9 years ago

A lot of cheap plastic buckets with the handles removed? Foam could be difficult as I don't think there is a lot of demand for huge foam cups, but large plastic tubs can be found all over the place.

Man, i need to brush up on my google skills. I've been googling for an hour and didnt get this hit. Thanks! I'd like to get enough to do a large sized game of beer pong. at $100 us ea cup this option could get expensive. Any ideas on how to build for less money?

Make a cardboard form/mold of two cup shapes that one fits inside of the other. Make the inner one smaller so that the gap is equal to thickness of your cup. Make a cover or top attached to the inner cup so that it will "hang" inside the big outer cup. When you are ready to cast your cup, try to line or cover everything with plastic food wrap. Now get a couple of big cans of insulation foam from the home centers. Spray inside and place the inner form in. Weigh it down. The foam should expand to give you a big foam cup. You would have to test it to see how much liquid it will hold before it bursts. Add wire rebar or reinforcement mesh/cloth if needed. Have fun.

Or just get ordinary disposable cups and hold them real close to his face?