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"Giant Rail Gun o' Doom" - Knex Cannon (Un Finished) Entry To TNKIT Answered

Well. Here it is. Thanks to running out of pieces and rubber bands, i haven't finished. Video'll be done when i get more peices. And more rubber bands. The trigger isn't complete. But it works.


realy big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 letters-L...M....F....A....O!!!!!
Crap, that's only 5.....


8 years ago

yo dawg dats big<br /> =0<br /> But seriously, how long is that thing? And what's the range? And what's the ammo? And why am I asking this many questions? And how do I stop asking stuff?<br /> ?<br /> ?<br /> ?<br />

... You hit <strong>alt, and f4 a the same time.</strong> But it closes your window.<br />

yo dawg dats big 
thats what she said

It's about 4 feet long. I haven't fired it because it's not finished.

Hmm. Seems like more than that. Wierd.

I swear I'm not trying to bring you down but honestly even if this isn't IaC's cannon, why would I want to build it over his? That's a serious question too. Give me some things about it that makes it a better choice. It looks a lot the same and it probably functions the same so IOW nothing too new. If it does happen to function better in some way then good job.

 uhmmm why cant there be a variety of cannons?? jeez.... 

Sorry for the slow reply. But please remember  that this is not finished. And i wouldn't build it if it couldn't fuction better in some way than IAC's. I am waiting on pieces, and i need to get more rubber bands. And i will not be asking anyone to build this over his. Because the chance of me actually posting this is almost nill. I'm just trying to get through the round.

And then there's the matter of his cannon using less parts than AJ's.

 thats crazy.

New pieces arrived! And new ones coming soon! It'll be finished soon!

young sir give me credit for that there name lol good job but it looks alot like iacs


Nice work! I assume this is what became of the version you posted on KI a while back?

Actually, no. That cannon was built from your cannon, then strength mods. this cannon was made from ground up. And i am waiting on peices to finish it!

Ooh.  That must be pretty heavy.

"You can kill someone with that thing.... Without firing it"

Remember who said that?

Hell no.  It was Knexguy on Killersafecracker's bow.

that thin makes my shotgun look like a dirty trash can full of poop

Cool IAC copy! 

I'm serious in case your sarcasm detector malfunctions.


8 years ago


Looks good. But it looks a lot like a IaC copy.


8 years ago