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Giant Universal Remote Control Answered

Hey Everyone...I Just Bought A Giant Universal Remote Control From Walgreens For 5 Bucks...It Just Looked Like Something That Should Be Modded Or Hacked..
My Question Is...What Should I Do With It...

Please Any Advice Or Comments Are More Then Welcome...

Thanks So Much To Everybody Here...What A Great Community...


First off, those things are great. We use one, as the normal size ones get lost so much easier than the big one.

As for other uses (other than the obvious "use it to control your TV, etc", one thing I have contemplated is making a REALLY big novelty remote control, where the user would have to step on the buttons. Any remote, whether it is a big one like you show or a normal one could be used, it is really just a matter of breaking out wires from the PCB to make connections to the swtich matrix to allow external switches of some sort to be connected.

That's A Great Idea...Something To Put On The Backburner As I Dont Have Enough Room To Make Something That Size...But I Love Where Your Head Is At...Thanks For The Idea...I Might Just Apply Your Idea For Something Else Ive Been Planning...Thanks

Why capitalise every word ? Its hard to read.

+1. Please don't. There are good reasons English is written as it is, and anything which breaks peoples' expectations is going to be harder to read.

Lol...i thought it made it easier to read...ill stop doing it...

Have you searched remote hacks?

I Have...And As Far As I Can See...There's Not Many Out There...I Saw A Mod Where The Range Was Extended And Another Where It Could Control Street Lights...But Neither One Em Where What I Was Looking For...But Thank You So Much For The Advice...

Sure! Hope that you find what you're looking for!

Thanks im sure ill find plenty of great ideas here...


7 years ago

try this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Most-Useful-Machine

That is amazing...thanks so much for the link...and i have almost all the parts execpt the plastic...We might have a winner here...