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Giant crane arrives to help build new bay bridge Answered

A 328 foot crane built by ZPMC near Shanghei, China capable of lifting 1800 tons at a time was brought into the Port of Oakland two weeks ago aboard a partially submersible transport ship. It is the largest marine crane to ever work on the west coast.

I had been noticing the absolutely massive red white and blue crane on my commute over the bridge to work for a few days, but was unable to find any info on it.

Thankfully a project associate from the Public Information Office of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Seismic Safety Retrofit Projects was nice enough to email me back about my query with the relevant info. From there, it was easy to pick up the internet news trail.

SF Gate Article - One big crane, coming up

The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Project



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For a minute there I thought it was because something happened to the bridge like in Little Brother... I read that book again not too long ago and keep thinking about it :P

Holy f*** that thing is huge!

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wow that is big !, Interesting link too, Thanks !

extemely big (thats what she said)...

Now thats my kind of crane xD Really cool