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Giant sprinkles? Answered

I making a giant Doughnut for my friend's Birthday; I'm going for something Homer Simpson would eat. I have everything figured out, but I really want some giant Sprinkles for it; ideally they would about one inch long with proportional width. People have already suggested Mike&Ikes and that does not appeal to me. Ideally they would be flavorless sugar, just like real sprinkles, but don't let that hold you back. Thanks!



7 years ago

I bet I'm too late, but try making royal icing. Use a recipe with meringue powder rather than egg whites to avoid possible salmonella issues. Sprinkles could easily be made witha piping bag and large tip. Make the icing thick and squeeze out some appropriate length cylinders. Touch up the ends with your finger. The royal icing should harden over night or faster.

On second thought dipped pretzels sound stinkin' delicious.

Your sprinkles could be fairly easily made with dipped pretzel sticks. Making them with any sort of solid icing/sugar would be a bit too much I think, but candy coated dipped pretzels (you'd want to break them into random sizes) would not only taste great, but they would be an awesome texture for the cake. (I recommend using honey-roasted pretzels.) You can get almost any color of candy "buttons" to melt down for the dipping.

Imagine these fully dipped and in different colors:


I would use a straightened out paperclip to hold onto the pretzels while you dip them, and you'd have to put them "drip" side down so they would be smooth.  I'd like to see the end result!

Did you think about making them yourself with a recipe and some kind of tray?