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Gibe sik gun ideas thanks Answered

Yo I want to make knexes again, sik ideas please thanks.
But actually, what has changed/needs to be made better/has not been done?


A lever action that actually uses the lever to cock the ramrod as well as loading the next round. I have several ideas I want to try out, but don't really have the motivation to do so.

whatever you want man I have several ideas no time these days. Try making a fun gun that pushes limits or try re inventing a standard war gun that will compete or replace TRs. I honestly love the TR but am doing my best to replace them with a new better gun.

Just had another idea actually. An alternating dual shot slamfire. So it fires when you pump in either direction leading to a steady stream of fire. I see two ways of doing it. The easier way but less consistent fire would just to have them both cock at the same time on the back pump but have only one fire and then have the other fire after resetting the pump. The more interesting way would be to use a hybrid gun-handle pump system where one pin is pushed via the gun and the other via the handle. So pushing the gun into the handle would cock one pin while pulling the handle away would cock the other. It seems clumsy at first but I bet if you give it a shot, you might actually make it practical and war worthy. I'd throw on an 18 round turret.

make the basedgun

Could make your own improvement to your ZKAR. Bolt actions becoming more practical is always a plus.
I personally want to see some more repeating shotguns. We have few of those.
I know you're better with such mechanisms than me, I had the idea to use a short pin with high tension and a lever to make a lever action with decent range.