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Gibson box into clothes hanger (materials?) Answered

Hi!! i've an issue...
I wanna turn the Gibson image on this box ( https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/379172_10150941929298151_198254740_n.jpg )
into an clothes hanger (where the keys of the guitar are the place to put the clothes)... what can i use to make the box stronger? like wood or something? unfortunatly i don't have a saw or something like that... does someone of you have a clue?



Best Answer 5 years ago

get a bigger box, like a water heater box, and glue the Gibson logo to it

That's probably a great idea!! do you think that a box can resist the weight of a clothes?
What's a water heater box like done? XD isn't it still a cardboard box?
By the way... i was also thinking about that plastic board... similar to the cardboard for boxes (like this one) but made in plastic... it's easy to cut and tu manipulate... do you think it can support the weight of clothes hanged on?

Use a U-haul clothing box as your guide. You could simply purchase one or at least copy it and use a water heater box. This pict is small but the bar is the key to its simplicity.


Wood. Cut out the shape in a piece of wood and carve it out to look like an actual guitar neck.

I know!! this is what i would like to do... but i don't have the instrument to do this... they're too expensive for me and, actually, i have no idea how to use them XD
There's probably no other way to do this but... i still wanna try and find out another solution :)
the Clothes hanger will be hanged on the wall with some stops and screws...
so i don't need a base for it... i simply need a piece of something (i can't go with the wood for now) to put behind it to fortify that cardboard shape...
i don't know... maybe some polymer easy to manipulate and resistent?
(i'm really sorry but i'm not so good with english, this is not my mother lenguage)