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Gifs just run once Answered

On the drafts I am writing, I have noticed that the gifs I add run just once when I click on "Full preview". This is the case for the gifs added in the "regular" photo frame, but not for the gifs embed in the text (they are run in infinite loops).

And I have the same problem with the last Instructable I have published (https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-Arduino...), it looks like the gifs are played once then they stop.

Is that a bug? I really like to add gifs to my articles to give a better overview of the project, but if they stop after few seconds or even less, I guess no one can see them...




5 months ago

My best guess is that it is something that you are doing in exporting it. When I use Photoshop to make gifs, they have an option for playing once, or looping forever. Other software has the same thing.

If you look at the original unedited uploaded file that you uploaded, it also only plays once:

When I look at gifs that I have uploaded recently, I don't have that problem:

I know it is a pain in the neck, but I would look more closely at how you are generating these gifs. Maybe you accidentally changed something.


Reply 5 months ago


Yes you are right, the problem comes from my gifs. I have checked the software I use to make gifs, but it was set to export with loops... So I have downloaded the new version and now it works perfectly! :)