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Gift help. Answered

Hi. I am in need of help in trying to find a birthday present. This is for my cousin that is turning 13. He likes electronics and stuff like that. His budget is $200. If you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.


Buy him  an ebook reader or iPod.
There are several electronic book readers available on market but   I would go with Kindle ebook reader or Nook ereader . There are two different models of Kindle ebook reader: Kindle 3 and Kindle DX. "Kindle 3" model comes with 6-inches display and "Kindle DX" model comes with 9.7-inches display . New Kindle 3 ebook reader comes in two colors: graphite or white.  New Kindle 3 is 3rd generation of kindle ebook reader.
Nook ereader has built-in MP3 player and a headphone jack, which works for playing music while you read, or for playing audiobooks. You can load the Nook ereader with ebooks, PDF files, images and MP3 files.
For ipod I would go with iPod Touch or iPod Nano

He got an ipod. But thanks! He likes books but would rather go to the library where it's quiet and he can read a book in peace or read a book somewhere else.

Buy him a kindle and improve his life forever. Reading is the gateway to greatness. Cost $189 - PS you must really like him to spend $200 on a birthday present for a 13 year old.


7 years ago

Get him a robotics starter kit. There are a lot of really nice kits available for well under $200.

good idea, but I mean like already assembled electronics.