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Gift ideas for travelers? Answered

I'm searching for some gift ideas for my parents.  They like to travel; to the caribbean and Germany mostly.  I figure it would be a good idea to get them something travel-related.  Stuff like portable scales (for weighing luggage), security door stops, mini first aid kits, water purifiers.  They stick to hotels when traveling so no camping or survival gear is really necessary.

So, any clever ideas?



Your idea shot a grappling hook into my brain and clung there until I reeled it in again. I realized that my mom could borrow ebooks from the library and load them onto a kindle. I realized I could hook up my dad with a subscription to an e-magazine. I went out and found one used, and will pick it up tomorrow!


I thought of that, but not only is it out of my price range they are also technophobes...

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6 years ago

A nice travel diary, so that they can write about theire travels

You could find something interesting at http://giftideasinfo.net There are several hundred gift ideas at that site from lots of creative people.


6 years ago

Whenever we travel for extended periods, I always like to take along a bunch of games:
Magnetic checkers and chess,
Chinese checkers (peg type,)
Various card games.
With the exception of the playing cards and dominoes, I made all of the games.


6 years ago

Security alarm for the hotel door. Even though they do not travel year round, a magazine subscription .........hohnestly, a water filter is a good idea. They make small personal disposal ones. 2 of those can be a good stocking stuffer.