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Gifts for DIYers? Answered

I haven't noticed any wish list threads, so I thought I might start one. What kind of gifts are you asking for/giving that have to do with DIY? If you're Jewish, what have you gotten or given?

Since I'm going off to college this summer, It's about time I jump start my own tool collection. I'm still not sure what I'll do next year without all the power tools, but I guess that's why I'm staying in-state. I got a multi head screw driver one night for Hanukkah, and I'm asking for a tool box, ratchet clamps and a speed square for Christmas (we celebrate both.)

Your turn!


As far as I know, I am expecting no Making gifts this year, though there have been hints of brewing paraphernalia.

What I have been able to deduce (from people saying "what do you want?" and me telling them), this Christmas will be mainly bird-related.

I asked for a camera, because that's all I need at this point to make instructables :P 

The most DIY thing I asked for was a camera. That's about it.
I also asked for some games, but that has nothing to do with DIY that much.

Hmmm, that would be a tough one, since most of my "desires" are very specific.   I'd like to get hold of a few higher powered laser diodes,  and the Geiger counter tube (or kit) at EGM   etc.

Gifts I'm asking for:
-Xbox 360
-Halo 3

Gifts that I want to give but I can't:
- A TR8 to every person at school who has seen my youtube account (around 6 or 7 lol)