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Gigantic 3D printer Answered

This 3D printer is a giant step up from other 3D printers. Where most 3D printers make items that you can hold in your hands,  this machine by Enrico Dini in Italy is making items you can walk inside. It lays them up tiny layer by tiny layer and the result is pretty sturdy. One day it might even be used on site to make intricate buildings.

Link via Make


wish i had one or could make one?

I looked for a video but didn't find one - anyone else?



I'm guessing it's boringly slow?  Most 3d printer videos seem to be sped-up to be watchable...

The sped-up was what I was looking for, but I found nothing.



The first vid is worth it just for the goat legged hostess.

The goat legs are nice enough, but I'm more curious about the squirrel trophy on her hip.

Lol, she looked like Sarah Michelle Geller on crack.
the video was good though

that is like a 5 axe  cnc   lol  cnc be cheaper that is if it was homemade 
but nice meh   

I cant wait to get a 3D printer i can plug in to my laptop and print open source models

My wife's school has just bought a 3d printer.

They won't let her bring it home for me to play with over Easter... :-(

 Awe poor Kiteman, reminds me of my buddy that got to take home one of the computer lab's brand new imac 22" apple computers for the whole 2 month summer vacation, the reason why? He was the school's IT b*tch

RepRap! I'm going to start building one this summer :D

could you get it to paint stuff as well

That would be a different process, but you could feed different colours of sand in at different times to get a stripy house...

Ahhh! The begining of the Star Trek Replicator

Could it screen print me a house?

Freaky, I was just writing about this very machine for a grad class exam I had over spring break.

There was an exposé on 3D printers in PopSci a few years ago, before Cupcake CNC was even a thought and when the RepRap was just starting out. They had one mentioned that was being designed to build concrete houses...it had a sort of trowel-like extruder, and laid down concrete in layers 1" or so thick. The idea was that you parked a semitrailer in front of the lot, assembled this giant gantry system, and spent an afternoon feeding this beast concrete while it built you an entire house. If anyone can find the name of that or the story on PopSci, lemme know, I've completely forgotten...

I dont know if it exactly works like that, because ive seen alot of 3d printers and its a little more conplex...