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Gimmme a Name! Answered

Well let's put it this way, I've grown bored stiff of both my online alias (Ryan Vance), or using me real name (NOYDB), so HELP ME PICK A FAKE NAME FOR MYSELF PEOPLE!! All I know is I'm after McCool as the last name, its sounds good, I like it, and it pays homage to a former role-model turned hero. I'm going for something cool and froody like Zaphod Beeblebrox, but of
course a little bit more conventional...
EDIT: I need a name some one might actually believe is true

Pictures are of interests and behavioral models...


 you need a cool name like mine! go to a language translating site and translate an english word.

P.S: My name is select in italian!


I miss my bro. My bro was Rocketscientist2015. Then I had a sister, Nova Hawk.

Now I have some creepy stepbrother/sister. KentsOkay. No Kent. It is certainly not Okay. You are not Okay.

Yeah, this identity crisis thing is a little silly. Pick a name and then concentrate on more important things.

Agreed. Bring back the Rocketscientist2015!

Nope, he's just average or slightly below :->

hes my hero too!  good ol Zaphod...............

How about "Ahmed Adoudi".  It makes you sound like a Turkish guy.


9 years ago

Haha, on facebook you're Artemis McCool. How'd you come up with that?

o_0 how'd you know that? It's ok, but not the zenith of cool and froodiness...

haha, i knew that because you're my friend on facebook. Also, about the collabs on the T-Shirt for Goodhart... are we actually getting copies of the book? Or not. I'm just curious.

Didn't I send you a pm saying how to claim it?

Yeah, I just haven't heard back from the person I emailed at all (or gotten a book, lol).

  • John Pinkerton
  • Jimmy MacElroy
  • Freddy Van Halen
  • Gon Vongo
  • McLovin
  • William Ted
  • Hackzor Pwntron

John Pinkerton has a nice ring to it.....

Yes but, ever heard of Pinkerton Detective agency? Disreputable buggers they were...


9 years ago

Orly Yarly

<charm shield drops>
<ignorance non-existent>
<shot hits home>
Scotty: Captain! The Monk has hit us sir! All shields down!!
Kirk: No!!!!! *cries*
Spock: How illogical....
Scotty: Easy for you, you are Vulcan!
Kirk: *cries* I need my therapist...

I have the ability to produce mental breakdowns in others. Interesting. I must replicate this experiment elsewhere.

No, no!! The Monk said she'd do it again!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Let's see if that's enough to induce another round of insanity...I anxiously await the results...

Ltihium Oxide. Just sounds cool!

Ummm...I would think Adrian+Monk would be a better choice, all things considered :-)


Actually, it's already taken. They were brazen enough to tell me "hello, hahahaha!!!!!" on my own orangeboard, and pretend to be me to Killerjackalope...the nerve...

Yes, I know ;-> All the more reason it would be the best choice for RS2015's new name :-)

Okay, we'll do that. I think I'll just call myself "Kelseymh" with a capital K. :D

I don't think it will work, even if your name is capitalized, you can log in without caps... when I first joined, my name was uncapitalized. I got tired of it after a bit and Eric changed my name to caps, but you can log in caps-less..

Yes it will, a few imposters have gotten by with changing the capitalization of the first letter of a username. I think someone got Kipkay that way.

Yah but, imagine someone claiming to be Lithium Oxide on Facebook....

did someone ever call you some name ? use it ! and build on it !

my online name is Amir Kite. nickname is 11010010110 (and it begins to bore me too). mascots are Ash and Pikachu from pokemon

here is the story

Amir - given in an online 'paint battle' (see - think how to continue or beat that - draw in paint - upload) - originally was a spelling error of something i drew (Amur = 'have to')

Kite - given to me by my history teacher last year (since i'm like floating away instead of listening in his class)

11010010110 - i dont remember exactly but was a result of some computer related stuff between me and a friend

now to give a nickname to the nickname - Amir changes to Ash and Kite changes to Ketchum. and recently i figured out how 'Ash' hides in '11010010110'