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Girl trouble Answered

sorry for long question:

I'm 15, going on 16. 

two, maybe three weeks back a couple of my mates met this girl.

Eventually one of them started dating her, whilst the other talks to her regularly.

As of yet, I've only ever met this girl once which was by accident and I didn't really say anything because I was with the mate who talks to her regularly on BBM, and he was saying everything. I've never actually been invited to meet her and some of her friends, yet my best friend has which I found slightly disheartening. I'm feeling kind of .. well .. left out, because whenever we walk home from school they go on as if they're purposely trying to make me jealous. I don't wanna ask if I can come with them to meet her and her mates, but I do wanna come with them somehow.

This isn't a case of me fancying her, I just feel as if they're purposely leaving me out of things. I guess my question is how can I subtly get myself 'in' with their crowd without outright asking?

P.S. I know it doesn't sound that big, I just more or less need some advice

P.S.P.S The friend that talks to this girl regularly, he gets my bus as we go to get food for lunchtime. I guess he generally decides where the group goes on a whole. No heart felt talks or anything, but if you could just give me some desperately needed advice, I'd be really grateful!  


Me, I'd forget subtle, and just tell them I feel like they're leaving me out, and I don't think it's very fair.

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I noticed that you have posted this topic the same day that you joined this site. You must be desperate for advice. The best thing that you can do is to cultivate other friendships. Is there a kid that is lonely most of the time that you can converse with? Awkward? Shy? Why don't you try to become his or her friend? First you should ask yourself, it is easy for me to make friends? If you feel that you must fit in in that specific group of friends is that, probably, it is hard for you to make new friends. Use this as a learning experience, whenever you face disappointments in life, always try to make the best of it.