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Girls bed tent. I would like to make a simple tent for my DD. The prob is no bed frame to attach anything to. Answered

She  has a standard size twin box spring and  mattress set.  Something girly and fun, but with minimal hardware.  Thank you for any creative ideas.?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Screw a few hooks into the ceiling joists and then hang your "tent" from there on clear fishing line.  Done right you can shape the tent how ever you want.  Canopy, Arabian tent etc.

I can also see a combination of our suggestions working, i.e. a stick or two of PVC suspended from the ceiling, with fabric draped over. Depends on what shape we're going for, I guess.

This image is actually a mosquito net, but I assume it is what you are both aiming at?

The netting could be any colour, plus you could paint it or glue on pieces of other stuff to make it a forested glade, sea-weedie mermaid's grotto etc.

Glow in the dark paint could add stars and fairy twinkles.

If you have a boy that is jealous of the attention, simply substitute camouflage netting in the same set-up for a military theme, or paint stars and rockets on the netting.

And a hula hoop would make a great support ring. No noxious fumes that way.

Make a frame out of PVC shaped something like this, only larger. Then just sew up a cover for it with a flap to get in and out.
If you make the frame tall enough, and include rails at the bottom that can sit on the floor, you don't have to attach it to the bed at all. I'd also include a rail at the top to prevent it from falling in on itself.
You can do all of this with regular PVC pipe and fittings from the hardware store. If you need tips on bendng the PVC, it doesn;t get much better than this:


Now that's a good idea for something more permanent.

Didn't I read something about harmful gasses released when pvc is exposed to flame?

That's a bunch of alarmist malarkey. I've been heating PVC for years, with absolutely no... no... I'm sorry, what were we talking abou.... FROGS!!!! GET THEM OFF ME!!!!

Seriously, though: Working in a well-ventilated area and taking care not to overheat the PVC is adequate precaution, IMO.

Well I read that AFTER I'd been bending a bunch of PVC  and I mita gotten cornfussed somewhere.  I just can't remember anything lately.  What were we talking about?

You're silly;o)  I like the hula hoop idea.  I'm not set up for PVC bending and hubby would be completely dead set against that.  I might get away with a hook or 2 in the ceiling though.  Thanks.

Good luck! Be sure to take lots of pictures and make an Instructable when you're done.