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Give me a Hair Style Answered

Well, I want a new one. So I took a picture with my hair up, and cut it out, he are the instructions.

Download this image.
Open it in MS Paint (or some other image editor)
Use the eye dropper to select the sample of my hair color
Draw me some hair
Post it back up here.

If we get some good ones, i'll try the best one =]


one word AFRO

I've taken a liking to the flattop in your photo.

You got it. Back in the 60's the flat top was a popular look before the JFK look caught on. I never really liked it tho. Then an evil person came into my life that wore his hair that way, so I really don't like the haircut. But I do like the bot. Did you finish your paddle bot yet?

My brother wanted a flat top until he actually found out what one was. Paddle boat, i want one, although i could never use it due to the lack of lakes/ponds/ocean/bay/river

paddle bot, his robo pool cleaner paddle boat, how about the bath tub. they have paddle boats here at cal expo. as far as I know they are only used two weeks a year. They have some at golden gate park too.

I haven't even received my create yet. I'm not sure when they're going to send them...

Canida said we should receive them next week. I asked her to extend the deadline past Labor Day.

Noo, we don't need an extension, that just makes it longer till we find out who wins..sleep is for losers. Did she say when next week? (early, mid, late?)

> Noo, we don't need an extension, that just makes it longer till we find out who wins..sleep is for losers. - And old ppl like me. I guess you dad doesn't know you are still up. > Did she say when next week? (early, mid, late?) -Probably. "Expect it in about a week." that was Tues.

wow, my parents would never let me stay by myself with them outa town. lucky

Well you not really alone Why is 18 red? I must click it

your link game me a 404

Oh, you know it. I followed the "How to throw a party when your CEO is out of the office" instructable to the last comma.

its not really flat, plus you photoshopped a chunk out of the left side of ur head. hes a stalker. You look like a kid from my school who shaved his head. I don't think people would like a shaved head haircut on you

it would be really interesting though. Weissensteninburg"GAHHHHHHH" Mom"What happend son" W..."I accidedaly cut off a chunk of my brain" Mom "Okay son where does it hurt?" W... "My brain!!!" Mom "well lets take you to a hospital" W... *Passes out*


11 years ago

I though frog/grass hair would be nice

Micah frog hair copy.jpg

You need some crazy munkey hair.....

munky hair.jpg

well, that's definitely on the list of possibilities.. *wayyyy down on the list*

Thanks for the hairy challenge Mr W. Hairstyles done this way never look realistic but you can get a rough idea. If nothing else it could tell you the styles not to have! Happy hunting and enjoy it while you've got it.

C:\Documents and Settings\chris\My Documents\Work\Prose\Instructables\Mr W..jpg

Bottom center looks like he's being eaten by a hedgehog. Wow, it's hard to type "hedgehog" with a cat sitting on you...


11 years ago

If you looked like Mr. T I would fall on the floor and start laughing. I didn't know u wore glasses, the other one- contacts I have thoughs too.

Wow, I really look deranged in that (eyes) picture..

You look less rapist creepy then the one that was suppossed to b your best picture ever.

Now you look like a serial killer

oops i just read the "Be nice" policy so JUST KIDDING

I can't currently upload images so

Hair 1
Hair 2

lmao, I'll need to grow some facial hair, and get some mr. t hair going on.