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Give me your opinion for airsoft? Answered

ok, I have a problem. I am just getting back into the sport of airsoft and need some of your experience. well, i used to be an avid airsofter, but i switched to paintball and got rid of most of my airsoft stuff, including my sidearm. well, now ive gotton some money and would like to get back into airsoft. well, i have recently purchased the echo 1 m8a3 cranestock aeg, an nc star 3-9x40 scope, and a madbull gemtech blackside supressor. but i forgot one thing, my sidearm. Well I have around 130 bucks left to spend on a pistol. I was wondering if you guys know of anyhting in that price range within these general perimeters: I want it to be a gas pistol mainly blowback (im flexible), over 300 fps, and all metal. let me know of anything that you may know of or just comment on the gun lol.
The lonelysandwitch


Yes I realize I'm a bit late xD but hey never hurts to try

I highly recommend the WE 1911 blow back. Full metal and this model is $110 USD. http://www.airsplat.com/Items/GP-WE-1911-TAN.htm Hope this helps!

many guns on hobbytron.com