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Give the gift of making a bit less often if possible!? Answered

I know Xmas is coming fast and people might still need gift ideas, but I could really do without a popup reminding me that I can give the gift of making every time I load the page.
Seeing it once is fine, seeing it twice might help if you missed the first one, but what are the other times for?
I mean, I got it now, I really do so how do I get rid of this "reminder" on the screen?


I have blocked this pop-up using AdBlock. It is gone for now from all pages. Not sure about tomorrow.


Had to do the same here as it now pops up multiple times after reloading the forum overview.
Not the nicest thing to do IMHO...

I've started ABP, but I'm still getting it...

Do you get the thing where you click on an Instructable, and it bounces you off the page and onto a "join" page...as a paid member....?

Not on my home computers, but it does happen at school - I'd write those incidents off, though, since our school network is a weird beast anyway.

I had that surprise too initially.
The script is not really obvious and designed so ABP would miss it.
Look for the script that I linked below and if you block that this annoying thing is gone.
As an alternative you can also check the code of the site in your browser and set the size for the popup to zero in both direction.
Won't make it go away but you are only left with a littly white box that isn't blocking any view.

Still better to have this popup than something calling third party ads with possible malicious code ;)

Checked it and the script is the same, once added to the blocklist I had no problems with the popup anymore.

Wait, checked it - I had a typo.

*Waits expectantly*

you are right, but the multiple pop-ups are very irritating...

If anyone else is too annoyed by this popup, you need to filter


Replace the wxyz with http ;)

It is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Depends on if you have been naughty or nice...Did you ask your friend Google?

Season's Greetings!

Great, now you tell me!! :(
Should have checked Santa's naugthy list first LOL