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Given limited laptop battery life, how can I use a car battery to power my laptop where no AC power is available? Answered

Current laptop batteries are not really suitable for powering a laptop for 10-12 hours (without using multiple batteries I suppose, and then dealing with the need to recharge them) so I am wondering if there is a way to use an automotive battery and some sort of converter to plug the laptop ac power supply into in those areas, typically outside where standard 120 VAC is not available.


You're perhaps talking about using a laptop in a remote location, and not nessecarily in the vehicle? You need either an inverter to make it AC, or a transformer step the voltage up or down to whatever your laptop needs. You can get an inverter just about anywhere that sells automotive stuff or electronics. These can be cheap... but you'll still need your laptop's AC cord. You can get a "universal" car adapter (with selectable tips and voltages) for laptops at many computer stores... but the're going to be expensive unless you're very lucky. Try a liquidation store first, they tend to show up there because they don't sell well in the brand-name stores at high prices.

As always, Google is your friend.

1) Buy a voltage inverter for your car. Then plug your laptop into it as you would any other outlet.

2) Buy a car adapter for your laptop. Some brands have them, some don't.