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Giving old power tools new life Answered

I have an old ass (at least 20 years old) circular saw that is just too old. It makes a crazy noise when I stop sawing, which I'm pretty sure is the electric brake or something taking a crap, but it works well. I was cutting concrete with it this summer, and somehow it still runs regardless of me basically trying to burn it up. Also, I have a old cordless drill, 12V that the batteries have crapped out on. It was maybe 20 dollars new and I'm not interested in the work-from-an-outlet mod being as I have a new 18V Toshiba drill. What I'm interested in is finding a new use altogether for these tools. The first idea that came to mind was turning the saw into a lightweight winch, and using it to lift a shelf on a pulley in my garage. But like I said, this was just the first idea. I don't have a clue what to do with this drill and I'll use them as paperweights before I throw them away. So what do you think? I'm open to anything that might last more than five minutes once put together and is almost halfway safe. v



9 years ago

The DC motor from the drill could be used as a generator. With the proper gearing, you could make a miniature wind turbine!


9 years ago

If you want a real strong (though maybe slower) wench, you could gear it down a bunch.

take out the motor, and you can make countless things with a circular saw motor, like a lathe, or a rock tumbler.

You're onto something very interesting here. I think we could see a long thread on this one. You could give them out as "trophy's" to your kids when they win something at school :)

Or they could be converted too; like making the drill plug in style, and if not as a drill, a hand mixer (paint rather then food), bolt it down as a small bench grinder, etc.

If the drill is really old (it'll have a metal, rather then plastic case), sometimes they can be turned into a corded drill with the proper PS (and maybe with the replacement of worn brushes in the motor if they are very old).

The motors in these tools could be used for loads of projects. I like the winch idea, that's along the lines of what I'd do with it if I had one. Use it for whatever best suits your needs. Making a winch system like that would be a fun weekend project.