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Gizmo - A compilation of man inventing strange contraptions from the 1920's through 1950's. Comedy. Answered

Tim's description:
It starts off a bit slow but there are at least fifty really amazing clips. Sort of makes you think there's nothing new.

IMDB description: A documentary about some of the thousands of inventions that did things we never thought needed doing, or in ways we never considered doing them. A respectful, yet humorous tribute to the inventors whose vision, however far-reaching, was just a little off the mark.



SWEET I've been hoping this movie would shot up on the net for years. I remember watching it as a kid. ahh the memories, great collection, i kinda want the soundtrack now

I found the content of this movie both amazing and touching.

- humans trying to be unique : "Look at me ! I'm doing something unique ! I exist ! I'm doing something stupid and unique, I may die or get injured, but at least I exist ! I'm no more anonymous ! ..."

- humans trying to fly : all the imagination (and the illusions) behind all those winged machines and costumes ... They were so convinced it would work, that they did not even made tests before filming ! ... They wanted to record their first flight, their great victory, but they recorded a succession of failures ...
A succession of failure because they still wanted to believe in their dreams. And finally, when we're watching this woman and her two sons trying this winged costume again and again, we're just watching the slow and agonizing death of a dream that refuses to die ... It's sad. =o(

And yes, this definitively made me think there's nothing new =o)
Seems that when a new medium become popular and accessible, a new wave of "Look at me ! I'm unique !" appears ... And I'm pretty sure most of them did not know someone did the same thing almost 1 century ago ! =o)

That was really interesting, thanks. I noted there were a few gizmos that were simply a little ahead of their time (for instance, there was a crude version of what is now called a Roomba), etc.